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Sustainable clothing made in Europe

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We make goods for a better future

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Ocean at heart, Eco in mind

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Fashion is a feeling. To stop it fading fast, we make clothing from sustainable and recycled materials that have a lower impact on the planet. In thought and action, we are eco-conscious.

Children of the Ocean:
Our New Kids Collection

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TWOTHIRDS of our planet is covered by ocean. It is what makes us who we are and what gives us so much joy.
We are committed to protecting what we love.

Home is where my family is

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Warm Winter Hugs

Winter knits are a must when nights close in, open fires roar and seas rage. Many of our knits are crafted from recycled fabrics, which prevent ocean plastic pollution and provide the warm winter hug you crave.

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Our Customers Say

"TWOTHIRDS products are amazing quality and beautiful design. It’s fantastic that one can pre-order (at a discount!) so that there is a smaller number of items in stock to decrease waste!"

— Henrique F. (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

"Always a beautiful collection, subtle and beautiful colours. Ecological thought also appeals to me. Beautiful brand, love it!"

— Patrick K. (Zwolle, Netherlands)

"Best Shirt I‘ve ever bought!Awesome cut, beautiful colour and really nice materials. I‘ll order some more for sure."

— Pablo G. (Bern, Switzerland)