An old printing factory in the heart of Barcelona, ​​closed for years, has just resurfaced,
now turned into a new space dedicated to creation: Martillo.

They have state-of-the-art machinery, such as the Epilog Fusion 60 laser cutter and recorder,
coupled with traditional tools, so artists, designers and creators can develop their talent.

Martillo also has a co-working space of 250m² from where they also organise events, talks,
workshops and activities in an inspiring environment.

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Seeking Adventures in Spain

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When I fell in love with a Spanish guy, I didn’t realize that I was also falling in love with a whole country. Living in Spain for the past 6 months, and exploring from misty mountaintops to wild seasides, has shown me just how much one tiny country can hold. As the days get longer, and warmer, I’m hoping to inspire some of your own adventures by sharing some of my favourite places.