Martillo Coworking

By Natalia Escaño on

An old printing factory in the heart of Barcelona, ​​closed for years, has just resurfaced,
now turned into a new space dedicated to creation: Martillo.

They have state-of-the-art machinery, such as the Epilog Fusion 60 laser cutter and recorder,
coupled with traditional tools, so artists, designers and creators can develop their talent.

Martillo also has a co-working space of 250m² from where we also organize events, talks,
workshops and activities in an inspiring environment.


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Music Inspiration

I enjoy playing on my own or being accompanied by my wife Margarita, who I sometimes convince to join me on stage as she can do percussion and play the keys. I'll carry on writing and making music as long as I'm around. Music is a part of me and it reminds me how wonderful life is.