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We are ocean

Read, reflect and rise to the challenge. Here you can immerse yourself in our world with blog posts that take you under the sea, over mountains and toward a more sustainable future. 

Or be part of our community by using the hashtag weareocean.

Latest stories

The quality and sustainability of TWOTHIRDS garments is made possible thanks to a system that results in zero waste. We’ll explain what it means for you, how it works, and why in this post.

  • Plastic and the Ocean: Opposites Attract

    Plastic doesn’t have to mean pollution. A shocking amount enters the water every year but if we recycle the material, it can help us feel part of the ocean. This is the story of how plastic became a problem, and how bottles become bikinis.

  • The Whale is our DNA

    When a blue whale is underwater, its skin seems to merge with the sea it lives in. Only the rings of light dancing over its back allow us to see an animal of impossible proportions. As soon as the whale begins to turn itself towards the seafloor and flicks its tail up, the rest of its body will vanish into the blue. It will be a creature between two worlds, not quite here and not quite there until only the trace of its tail is left behind it like an echo. Whales are works of art.

  • The Colours of Morocco

    In February, TWOTHIRDS travelled to Morocco. The name is packed with potential, meaning “where the sun sets” in the native Arabic, and to surfers, signposting some of the world’s best lineups. Even so, Morocco still divides opinion. Everybody who had been there already either raved about it, or warned us to stay clear. This made us even more curious as to what we’d find. 

  • Chapter II: Urban Commute

    The morning light streams into the street as wheels spin into motion and people move like water. Finding the path of least resistance. Spokes and gears are in conversation, click-clacking their teeth together. As the gradient grows, thighs burn like candles: warmly. We’re cycling again. 


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