BORN: 07.03.88
RESIDENCE: Barcelona, Spain.
OCCUPATION: Professional Surfer

My first contact with surfing was in 1993.
My brother Marc, who lived three years in California at the time, brought me back a Bodyboard.
I thought it was a surfboard as I had no idea about surfing. 
My family has always been very connected to the sea, my father has always been a sailor and since I was born I spent 4 or 5 months on the island of Menorca every year.
Even it is not known for surfing, Menorca has amazing waves throughout the year.
At the age of 13, after a lot of skating and snowboarding, I realised surfing was for me. 

For my 13th birthday, my brother Oscar bought me my first surfboard that cost him 15,000 spanish pesetas and a Decathlon neoprene.

At that time there was no internet, no one knew when waves were coming, but every weekend I went to the beach to look for them anyways... a little frustrating because most times I found the sea completely flat.

We have always loved traveling with my family, so family trips focused on destinations where we could surf. I had a great time: Costa Rica, Brazil, Dominican Republic, USA, Bali...
At the age of 19 I lived 6 months in Australia (Goldcoast) and the following year I went again for 3 months.
Surfing is what makes me happiest in life, whenever there are waves around Barcelona, whatever the time or the weather, you we will find me on one of them. 

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