BORN: 22/05/1966
RESIDENCE: Barcelona
OCCUPATION: Investigator 

Eduard is a doctor in Veterinary Medicine and president of the association EDMAKTUB, that he founded in 2000. He is also a yacht captain, a private plane pilot and has the PADI certification. 

Professor and investigator, his professional career has focused on the investigation of marine mammals. His activities have been developed in different universities and his work has been internationally recognised. 

The non-profit association EDMAKTUB is specialised in scientific studies and the divulgation of the aquatic environment, especially in the investigation of cetaceans.

Since 2013, EDMAKTUB is developing its activities around the presence of fin whales in the Catalonian coast, every spring. They are running this project not only to attain more knowledge about the fin whales but to preserve the richness of this coast.


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