Sustainable Activewear for Women

What is considered sustainable activewear?

We consider activewear to be anything you can exercise in. That ranges from compression leggings to loose and airy Yoga tops! Sustainable activewear is made from organic, recycled or botanic fabrics, which are both ocean-friendly and a joy to wear.

Why do we wear sustainable workout clothes?

The goal of our sustainable workout clothes is to make you as comfortable as possible. Such eco-friendly workout clothes also help you connect with nature by using materials that are ethical and kinder to the planet.

Which fabric is best for sustainable athletic wear?

The majority of our sustainable athletic wear is made from an optimal blend of organic cotton mixed with recycled polyamide and elastane. Its often double-layered fabric provides extra support while wicking moisture from your skin, so you can keep your fitness routine on track.

Are eco-friendly workout clothes as comfortable as regular ones?

Yes! In fact, we would say that eco-friendly workout clothes are even comfier than regular workout clothes. This is due to our blend of organic cotton, which isn’t produced using harmful fertilizers or chemicals. The result is incredible soft sustainable activewear that’s kinder to sensitive skin, and that will move in time with your body, no matter the exercise you wish to pursue.