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Penso - Ecru
Penso - Ecru
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Penso — Ecru

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  • Made in Europe

The sight of turtleneck knits is a sure sign that winter’s here. The Penso sets itself apart with recycled yarns and a unique silver zipper – ideal when switching from outdoors to indoors.

It has a slightly oversized fit and ribbed edges. 

Designed in Barcelona. Crafted in Portugal. 

  • All recycled materials: 30% wool, 30% viscose 35% polyamide 5% cashmere
  • Helps avoid fashion and plastic waste
  • Warm and durable

The model’s height is 1.73m and she is wearing a size S.

For an accurate image of the garment's colour, please see the last product picture. 


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Fine Wool

Welcome to Warm.

There’s no material quite like wool, with its rugged quality, feeling of homeliness and preparedness for tougher conditions. 

It absorbs up to 35% of its own weight in moisture and prefers to be aired out for a day rather than put in the wash! Making it all the more eco-friendly. 

We use two types of wool: Shetland, a thick and warm weave, or Merino which is soft and thermoregulating. Both are mulesing-free. This means putting an end to the painful procedure where skin is carved away from the sheep’s backside. 

Wool that is crafted with care, starts with sheep who are treated properly. 

Fine Wool

Recycled Polyester

Dependable, not disposable. 

With today’s technology, we can turn PET plastic - mostly bottles - into high quality clothing. Redirecting the waste cycle, preventing landfill. 

The material lasts longer and comes with all the perks of virgin polyester but without such a cost to the environment. This means strength, wrinkle resistance and quick drying properties, but 75% less CO₂ emissions during production. That’s on top of giving waste a genuine value. 

The production also avoids using yet more of a non-renewable raw material (crude oil) required for the creation of virgin polyester and consciously prevents toxic waste.  

In the future, we would like to recycle already recycled polyester, extending the lifespan of the material even more.

Recycled Polyester

Recycled Materials

Stronger, together. 

We use a number of recycled yarns, often with blends that bring different fabrics together to provide enhanced durability and comfort. 

By taking the recycled route, we are able to save much of the energy, water and emissions needed to make fabrics from scratch. This makes a huge difference to the environmental impact of the garment, also preventing landfill and curbing fossil fuel use. 

In fashion it’s extremely important to do this, as it lays the foundations for a truly circular system that says goodbye to the industry’s wasteful attitude. 

We think knowing this makes our recycled clothing feel even better! 

Recycled Materials


Viscose can be considered the predecessor of the modal fabric. It is a cellulose-based textile, similar to the modal rayon. The process of creating viscose rayon is a highly complex one. It definitely involves more chemical treatment processes, which is why our long-term plan is to replace viscose with other fabrics. It is a step-by-step process.

At TWOTHIRDS, we use viscose mainly blended with other, more sustainable fibres. The combination with linen or hemp, for example, makes durable and soft-to-touch fabrics. Viscose is a long-lasting and viable material, which in turn makes the clothes withstand a lot of wear and tear. Since durability is also a form of sustainability, viscose is a viable option until further research has provided us with a more eco-friendly alternative.