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5 Summer Trends You Can't Miss This Season

3 min read

5 Summer Trends You Can't Miss This Season

If, like us, you get a bit carried away when the weather brightens up, then summer might already be on your mind! But it’s not all rays of light and plain-sailing during the warmer months; a wardrobe malfunction can definitely put a cloud over your day. 

To make sure our ocean lovers are best prepared for the (sweltering? cool? stormy? Your guess is as good as ours…) season to come - we’ve compiled an easy-to-read list of the top 5 summer trends on show this year. Expect tantalising tones and perfect prints, in a range of eco-friendly and sustainable fibres. 

We expect these 5 trends to be everywhere this season. And on our site - you simply can’t miss them!

1. Cobalt Blue

Our favourite ocean tone, cobalt blue is shimmering its way back into wardrobes this summer. From high fashion to slow fashion, cobalt blue is the pop of colour you didn’t know you needed. Check out our beautiful cobalt blue wide-leg trousers, our brand new organic cotton cropped knit, or our big whale tee for a retro TWOTHIRDS look. 

Rich, vibrant, and immediately eye-catching, cobalt blue is also a great choice for capsule wardrobes. The single tone makes it easy to match with more muted sustainable styles. 

2. Off White

From beautiful blue to the crispest colour of them all, we recommend picking-up some white styles for summer 2023. This trend allows for a clean, refined, and versatile look. Take our Serangan women’s shirt, which is made from lush TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres. For a more casual summer style, check out the Ida Off White ribbed tank top. 

On-trend, in-season, all-yours.

3. Palm Prints

Palms: the unofficial totem plant of surf culture. They symbolise everything that’s good about surfing - the tropical weather, the beachy vibes, and the laid-back lifestyle. We’re delighted to add new swimwear designs this season that incorporate a palm print in playful ways. Our Mavor top has a unique californian knot on the front, while the matching bottoms are high-waisted, doing full justice to the “palm leaf” print! 

And if you didn’t think Hawaiian shirts could be cool (sorry, Dad) - you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our Samama shirt. A stunning poplin fabric and rounded hems make it an absolute breeze to wear. A light green tint also simultaneously creates depth and gives this style an extra soothing look. Palm prints are a trend you can wear all summer long. 

4. Women’s Boardshorts

Our Summer 2023 collection brings a new twist to swimwear: we’re now producing awesome women’s boardshorts. Modelled on our classic men’s boardshorts, these are made with Global Recycling Standard (GRS) recycled polyester and elastane. This gives them a smooth, supple texture and again provides the perfect canvas for our palm print OR blue colourways. One of our favourite summer trends. 

We think these sustainable boardshorts are great for everything from the boardwalk to a summer lunch with friends. They can be worn with a brief underneath, or to go prepared for the beach - just in case you fancy a dip. 

5. Multicolour Stripes

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, multicolour stripes are always trending - especially in the watery world of TWOTHIRDS. Right now some of our most popular styles for summer feature gorgeous multi-tonal designs. Take our warm-toned Gortina tee which is the perfect summer item for 2023: easy to pair with anything that’s already in your wardrobe from the previous year. It works especially well with dark green shorts - like our Mainau in Smoke Pine. Multicolour stripes are a crowd-pleasing summer trend. 

Sustainable Summer Trends

Thus concludes our 5 trendy choices for a sustainable summer in 2023. But let’s be honest, trends don’t have the best rep these days. It’s of course not sustainable to consume vast quantities of clothing just because they’re trending. Generally a garment is considered sustainable at the consumer end if it has been worn more than 30 times - so have that in mind when picking from the list above. Dressing on trend isn’t a crime, but consuming without thought will inevitably damage the planet. 

That’s why part of our design philosophy revolves around timelessness. Think: garments that don’t need to be replaced (because they are simple, refined, and you love them!), made to a high standard that lasts.