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Valentine’s Day - The Sustainable Gift Guide For Her!

4 min read

Valentine’s Day - The Sustainable Gift Guide For Her!

Everyone loves a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift: whether she’s your friend, crush, or partner, the 14th of February is all the excuse you need to shower your loved ones with attention. And while we may not be matchmakers, we can certainly pair you up with the right sustainable gift for her.  

Since 2010, it’s been our job to bring the ocean to your wardrobe through gorgeous marine-themed styles. With every action - from material sourcing to packaging - we celebrate the ocean rather than trashing it. Giving a TWOTHIRDS gift can therefore communicate more than a love for fashion. This Gift Guide for her conjures images of walks on the beach, dips in the ocean, and a shared admiration for our blue planet. 

Each product is ready to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day!  

1. True Blue 

This sustainable Valentine’s Day gift is as timely as it is classic. Our beautiful organic cotton knit, the Itaparica, comes in a springtime shade of Cobalt Blue. Which means the receiver will get the most out of it when the seasons change. A great choice for any ocean lover and 100% vegan too. 

2. Sail Off Into The Sunset

What’s better than watching the sun sinking into a shimmering sea? Wearing it, of course. This original sunset cardigan is lightweight and ribbed around the edges for a gentle touch. We think it’s the perfect romantic gesture - bringing back memories of sunset-gazing on your first, second, or fiftieth date. Get the Tatakoto sustainable cardigan shipped off in time for Valentine’s Day

3. A Top Choice

The Mururoa is the jewel in the crown of our new sustainable collection. Also coming in that opulent Cobalt Blue (or a charming Sage Green), this top will really make her outfits pop on Valentine’s Day and beyond. Versatile, frilled, and knitted in vertical waves, it’s daring, chic, and as boundless as the sea. Just like your love for her. 

4. She Wears The Trousers

So, who’s calling the shots here? While “wearing the trousers” is probably an outdated phrase - referring to the partner who makes all the decisions - you can reinvent it this Valentine’s Day by picking out a beautiful pair of sustainable trousers for her. The Takaroa are silky soft and come with an olive-wood belt for a touch of mediterranean magic.  

5. Keep It Simple

This relationship isn’t complicated. Make your Valentine’s Day gift a beautiful woolen jacket with clean lines and mackintosh design. Our Endicott will keep her warm and stylish, available in a smart black or green. The question is - how will she ever wear anything else? 

6. TENCEL™ Temptations

TENCEL™ Lyocell is a luscious eco fibre with a soft texture. It feels light and airy on the skin, earning it the nickname of “tree-silk”, because the raw material for TENCEL™ fibre is sustainably managed wood. As if this pair of pleated trousers couldn’t get any more tempting, they come in an indulgent Hot Chocolate colour and are thicker than similar styles from our range. Shop the Haruku sustainable trousers for Valentine’s Day. 

7. Just Right For Date-night

In other words, just right for Valentine’s DayRowa features a flirtatious crossover V-neckline that brims with confidence and class. This top is constructed from recycled materials, so will also meet her high (ahem, normal) standards for sustainability. The ribbed yarn gives the Rowa a slightly stretchy and comforting feeling.  

8. Tee For Two 

Made with two seasons in mind: spring and summer, the Tautra is a delicately woven top that matches her eye for detail. Fear not - it’s also sustainable, with a vegan organic cotton fibre that’s as easy on her skin as it is on your eye. 

9. The Overall Winner 

The Correa overalls take the hard work out of workwear. Eco-friendly organic cotton corduroy teams up with a gorgeous colour and robust design, while a generous front pocket, side and back pockets fulfill every practical need. This Valentine’s Day gift for her can be matched up with her favourite top on days spent with her favourite person. You, of course. 

10. A Love Letter To Comfort

Put your mind at ease with this lavishly soft dress. A patchwork of fibres (recycled, plant-based, and organic) keep the Jahleel both soft and sustainable. It features a high-neckline, with open back, and a long flowing skirt. Our take? It couldn’t be comfier. 

11. Pastel Perfection

Who else loves this understated TWOTHIRDS tee? With bands of pastel colour and a delicate pointelle design, it’s easy to wear with anything in her current wardrobe and looks more than cute enough to make our Valentine’s Day Gift List! She’ll love the Lastovo top.  

12. Our Beloved Bottle

You could pick-up matching Thermo Bottles for a failsafe Valentine’s Day gift. Enjoy cups of tea, coffee, or cold drinks without the risk of polluting the ocean. Say no to plastic, say yes to ocean love.