Shikoku - Blue BicolourShikoku - Blue Bicolour

Shikoku — Blue Bicolour

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Regulärer Preis
CHF 19.00
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  • Made in Europe
  • Vegan
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Die mittelschwere Socke Shikoku ist eine Wohltat für die Füße. Sie haben ein zweifarbiges Design, unser Markenlabel am Bündchen und Rippen, die sich der Form deines Fußes anpassen.

Designed in Barcelona. Crafted in Portugal.

  • 96% Bio-Baumwolle, 3% recyceltes Polyester und 1% recyceltes Elastan
  • Pestizidfreie und wassersparende Herstellung
  • Strapazierfähig und langlebig
  • Vegan


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Norwegen: bis zu 14 Tage.

USA: 3 bis 10 Werktage.

Die Lieferzeit beträgt 5 bis 10 Werktage für Kanada, Australien, Japan, Südkorea, Taiwan, Hongkong, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate, Singapur und Katar.

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Organic Cotton

Nature needs nurture. And so do you.

Beautifully pure and oh-so soft, organic cotton is grown with care instead of chemicals. A healthier fabric.

That might sound odd but going organic ensures the well-being of the workers who pick cotton by hand, the environment, and ultimately your skin. The final fabric is not only highly breathable but free of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides. Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton is better for soil health and land productivity. Water is managed in a more sustainable way. 

An organic approach is clearly of necessity and also avoids the greenhouse gas emissions of pesticide production.


Recycled Polyester

Dependable, not disposable. 

With today’s technology, we can turn PET plastic - mostly bottles - into high quality clothing. Redirecting the waste cycle, preventing landfill. 

The material lasts longer and comes with all the perks of virgin polyester but without such a cost to the environment. This means strength, wrinkle resistance and quick drying properties, but 75% less CO₂ emissions during production. That’s on top of giving waste a genuine value. 

The production also avoids using yet more of a non-renewable raw material (crude oil) required for the creation of virgin polyester and consciously prevents toxic waste.  

In the future, we would like to recycle already recycled polyester, extending the lifespan of the material even more.

Recyceltes Polyester

Recycled Materials

Stronger, together. 

We use a number of recycled yarns, often with blends that bring different fabrics together to provide enhanced durability and comfort. 

By taking the recycled route, we are able to save much of the energy, water and emissions needed to make fabrics from scratch. This makes a huge difference to the environmental impact of the garment, also preventing landfill and curbing fossil fuel use. 

In fashion it’s extremely important to do this, as it lays the foundations for a truly circular system that says goodbye to the industry’s wasteful attitude. 

We think knowing this makes our recycled clothing feel even better! 

Recycelte Materialien