Rural Escape


A week in the country is worth a year in the city. Busy streets are replaced by empty tracks, the stuttering of traffic by the dazzling sound of the dawn chorus.

We listen as the birdsong fades out. Peace falls, first on the fields and then on our minds. Being immersed in nature is exactly what we needed.

Caught in a breeze, tall grass purrs like a cat - catching Kala’s attention. She leaps, dives and chases, but her rival is nowhere to be found.

When we were children, we would have made daisy chains in the grass. To pick them now, is to be reminded of innocent conversations and carefree laughter - infused with the pale afternoon sun.

Inevitably but happily, the light starts to change. Skipping shades from blue to red, bringing with it a wonderful feeling of warm tiredness. Bare feet brought gently back to earth. The sun sets on our Rural Escape.


Organic Cotton

Nature needs nurture. And so do you.

Beautifully pure and oh-so soft, organic cotton is grown with care instead of chemicals. A healthier fabric.

That might sound odd but going organic ensures the well-being of the workers who pick cotton by hand, the environment, and ultimately your skin. The final fabric is not only highly breathable but completely pesticide and fertiliser free, with a lower water footprint than conventional cotton. By contrast, regular cotton wastes vast amounts of water, pollutes clean supplies and has caused entire ecosystems, such as the Aral Sea, to evaporate.

An organic approach is clearly of necessity and also avoids the large-scale greenhouse gas emissions of pesticide production.

Organic Cotton

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