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2X1 MAILLOTS DE BAIN limited time only!

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Nature looks good on you. We prove it in our new collection, composed of cool greens, lightweight natural fibres, and motifs from the environments we love best. For the complete experience, tune into our latest playlist while you browse.

Salt-infused air and sunshine that could last forever - take us back to Tenerife. The north is famed for its long hikes, wild beaches, and el bosque encantado (enchanted forest). Literally spellbinding!

Our summer swimwear is made with the same respect for nature that has defined TWOTHIRDS over the years. Using recycled materials that take full advantage of a blossoming circular economy.

While ‘forest baths’ and tree-hugging might be the classic tools for connecting with nature, our favourite route is through the ocean! Shake off the dust of everyday life, dive into the beautiful blue.