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The Costa Brava is a coastline so intoxicating that it transports you to a bygone era. When communities took only what they needed from the Mediterranean and were repaid in abundance.

Today, that delicate balance is still hinted at in picturesque villages like Sa Tuna, where the shutters of a fisherman’s cottage open onto idyllic ocean views. Marine stripes as well as hues of red, white and blue are worn by locals on their terracotta balconies and cobbled lanes.

During the tranquil off-season, ancient maritime stories are still told over anchovies and a glass of vermouth, by a people whose effortless style is the basis for our new Classic Sailor spring collection.

This is a hideaway that asks nothing of you, other than to respect the memories of those who came before. Quiet reflection is the order of each spring day, best done in outfits born of the finest sustainable fabrics and yarns.

Transitional styles meet striking touches of design inspiration, whether it’s a monochrome surf print from @thomaslodin or embroidered crustaceans with a hint of French panache.

To recreate Sa Tuna is impossible, but this new collection lets you bottle its essence forever. After all, a Classic Sailor is as comfortable on foreign shores as she is on the familiar harbour walls of home.