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Imagine that you’ve just touched down in the northwest of Spain, where hikers mingle on ancient paths and surfers emerge from the spray. You’re in the heart of Galicia. Tune into our playlist while we show you around!

Galicia is known as the land of the thousand rivers. It is richly biodiverse, but mind how you go: there are wolves in these woods. Which - if you ask us - only adds to the fairytale vibes. 

Many Galicians are devoted to a life at sea, so it's no surprise that their boats are so well cared for. Matching the marine aesthetic, beautiful pieces from our fall-winter collection provide a barrier to the cold.

With one of the most unique climates in Spain, this region is only for the hardened explorer. Expect sudden downpours, followed by brisk winds, sea mists, and (as if by magic), sunny skies. 

Our radiant autumnal layers were made for conditions like these, allowing you to go from sun to cold winds without thinking. Look! On the cliffs, a line of lighthouses keep sailors safe. 

As this earthy adventure comes to an end, you feel a hand on your shoulder. A phrase comes to mind - spoken by many people who pass this way - if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Until next time, Galicia.