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2X1 MAILLOTS DE BAIN limited time only!

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The sands are empty. The chiringuitos are closed. The beach is yours alone to savour. Few venture to the Costa Brava during the off-season. Those that do are left haunted by quiet beauty and solitude.

Here is a place you can re-center – a Mediterranean oasis of calm – where your past, present and future align to provide clarity and purpose: Sentiments lovingly woven, stitched, and dyed into every piece of this new Men’s Spring Collection.

Sailor stripes, unique maritime graphics, bold colour blocks – every piece manages to be as understated or as impactful as you wish. High-quality, low impact yarns and fabrics come as standard.

So much of your daily existence is about progress, growth, but here the only expectation is that you live in the moment. Kick off your shoes. Feel sediment massage the soles of your feet, throw driftwood for a local dog to retrieve. 

Transitional outfits are often the toughest to realise. Changeable weather makes wardrobe choices difficult, but not when a collection’s pieces are designed to be interchangeable; layered as part of timeless looks that shun fleeting trends.  

Set sail for the Costa Brava. Discover her hidden bays and coves. Find a fresh sense of style and purpose in a new Spring Collection, dedicated to the love of self, and of ocean.