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Nature’s artistic streak is evidenced all around us, from the smallest leaf to the biggest wave! Artist Carla Kasseroler taps into this rich source of inspiration. Get to know her in this collection, and listen to our new mixtape below.

Carla long ago abandoned the idea of a routine. Some days begin in front of the canvas, while others lead her to read, think or wander. “The important thing is to listen to myself,” she explains.

Her partner’s orange grove is the ideal place to get absorbed in the little details. After years of decay, the fields are now in good hands and have been nurtured organically.

Curious to discover more of Valencia’s landscapes, we travel to the shoreline to collect seashells and let the tide clear our heads.

“Nature doesn’t rush, takes only what she needs and is cyclical like us,” Carla muses.

At heart, Carla is an ocean lover like us. “I identify very strongly with the sea” she explains, “water is the main character in my paintings. It takes control.” To learn more about her approach to art, travel and life, read the full interview here.