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2X1 MAILLOTS DE BAIN limited time only!

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Listen closely. Can you hear it? That’s the sound of Mediterranean tranquillity. Put our latest playlist on low volume, breathe in the Costa Brava. Bask in her glow. This is the Spring Allure that keeps you coming back year after year... 

Settle into new routines that put wellbeing front and centre; slip into slim fit dresses, perfect for casting off winter’s restraints. Transition from sultry relaxation to active exploration, in looks faithful to long held coastal traditions.

Shorts made from a blend of organic and botanic materials. A knit crafted from recycled post consumer clothing waste. Anyone can rest easy in pieces like these, that actively heal nature and help her regenerate.

Daisies bloom on the softest towelling fabric, which doubles as loungewear or beachwear. Beguiling stripes evoke sunsets, ocean horizons and sunkissed sands, ready to be worn to a restaurant with harbour views or a city centre coffee date.

Dressing to impress or just to be carefree is easy, in TENCEL™ Lyocell fibres that are breathable and silky smooth. The Takamaka takes its name from more distant shores, yet it looks instantly at home on any Costa Brava balcony, terrace or cliff top.

Spring Allure is more than just a collection, it is an emotion – one anyone who has visited the Costa Brava will be familiar with, a feeling you crave as soon as spring rolls around. Once seduced, your return is inevitable. Don’t fight it. Now and forever, it is a part of who you are.