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Like two palm trees leaning together, founder Lutz and his partner, Loreto have a shared belief in community. TWOTHIRDS is a reflection of this people-powered approach. Dive deeper into our history while listening to the new playlist, below!

TWOTHIRDS was founded in 2010, with one mission in mind: to protect the ocean. We were a small family back then, and our team was made up of a handful of creatives. But with time, many like-minded people (and 3 more kids!) have come along to ride new and exciting waves with us.

From sea-worn surfboards to picnics by the shore, the ocean is the purest expression of who we are. It connects us, it motivates us, it calls us back for more. The ocean’s power and beauty is what keeps us humble.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! Our appreciation for togetherness will hopefully rub off on the little ones too. After all, being a parent makes you realise just how important it is to work together for a better future. Let’s protect what we love.