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10 Sustainable Styling Tips For November

5 min read

10 Sustainable Styling Tips For November

In Barcelona at least, November can be a beautiful month. The climate is much milder, being not too cold and not too warm, with the occasional moody sea mist to keep things spooky. The style options are also more generous than in other months. You can wear a short sleeve tee in the morning and then use a light jacket at night, yielding greater flexibility than the sweltering heat of August or the dry winter of January. Of course, November also has its downsides, like a spike in office colds, a decrease in sunlight, and a steady drop in temperature to the north. Personally, we find that being on top of our sustainable wardrobe choices can help weather any potential storms. For that reason, we’re bringing you a diverse range of sustainable style tips that’ll embrace the very best of fall. 

Overcoats you’ll never get over

If there’s one thing you can’t go without in November, it’s a long overcoat. Whether you’re a fan of ultra-cool Trench Coats or prefer to stay as warm as possible in wool - we really recommend investing in great long-length outerwear that you can use autumn after autumn. Stylish silhouettes create sharp looks that will make you the envy of every passerby. How to make them sustainable? Simple. Buy from a brand that prioritises being eco-friendly every step of the way, from sourcing, to sewing, to shipping. Was that a not-so-subtle reference to TWOTHIRDS’ sustainable practices? You bet it was! 

Vests are en vogue

Yes, vests are literally in Vogue, which is a pretty solid indicator of their trendiness. To avoid falling into the fast fashion trap, however, make sure yours are made from sustainable materials. Go one better by checking out our latest recycled sherpa design: a fluffy fleece material that is sourced from single-use plastic. That way you can prevent marine and land pollution, support recycling, and enjoy a versatile fashion item that paves the way for a sustainable fall-winter transition

Keep it cool with cardigans 

Even more so than sustainable knits (which are undoubtedly a fall favourite), cardigans are about to have a special moment this November. Being slightly lighter than vests, with the option to go unbuttoned, they’re ideal for mild climates as well as nights by the fire. We make sure ours are minimal in design, and are made from the finest sustainable fabrics - which ensure that they last a long time and can be used for many seasons to come. View our much-loved Itaparica for a stellar example. 

Pair a summer piece with something new

November is hardly the moment to be throwing out your best clothing. Think smarter by layering up a favourite summer piece with any of the options above (cardigan, vest, overcoat) to fall-proof your outfit. We’ve borrowed this tip from Masterclass, who write “almost any summer dress can be layered over a short- or long-sleeve top (depending on where you live) to keep you warm. Tank tops can work when layered under a long cardigan or oversize button-down.” If you can reduce the amount of pieces that you need to buy - or throw out - you’ll win extra sustainability points.

Opt organic

As also noted by Masterclass, autumn is a great time to be wearing cotton. It’s thicker than summery materials, and yet is breathable enough to ensure you don’t overheat on mild November days. You don’t need to be a die-hard TWOTHIRDS fan to know that we advocate for organic cotton over regular cotton, as the science is pretty clear: even though the cotton industry is cleaning up its act, organic cotton avoids nasty fertilizers and pesticides and relies on safer agricultural practices. This makes it more sustainable. In fall, you’ll want to try out some organic cotton corduroy trousers, an organic cotton twill jacket or an organic cotton knit. Come to think of it, that sounds like an excellent sustainable outfit choice in its own right!

Love the loungey look

Not feeling like suiting and booting it? Our next sustainable style tip for November is to relax into some loving loungewear. One trend that we’re seeing popping off in Pinterest is the combination of loungewear bottoms, a hoodie, and sneakers. Fortunately you can get all three through TWOTHIRDS. We produce loungewear bottoms in deluxe organic cotton, hoodies in recycled and organic materials and we make consciously constructed sneakers too! Put those together and you’ll have the perfect weekend-wear that doubles as comfort clothing. 

Hoodies + Jackets = Fall heaven

You can adapt the hoodie from the last sustainable tip, and pair it with a solid fall jacket and pair of jeans for colder weather. We think this is an indispensable november style tip for men in particular, who can enjoy the perks of a relaxed dress code while still appearing well-put-together. 

Settle into scarves

Oh yes, we love a sustainable scarf! This year, we have a number of unique scarf styles that put a sustainable spin on this wardrobe classic. Take our Sierra scarf, which resembles a buff, making it more practical and easy to use than a long length scarf (should I knot it? Should I throw it over my shoulder?). That one’s made from recycled wool, making it thermoregulating and sustainable. If you’re looking for something simpler - or more masculine - look no further than our merino wool Grand Manan neck warmer. This ultra stylish ribbed accessory comes in a range of colours so you can find the right one to match your existing wardrobe. 

Bring on the beanies

November is the perfect time to accessorise. Next on our list of sustainable style tips are beanies, which make a perfect accompaniment to light jackets and neck warmers. We take pride and joy in our sustainable beanies which come in a real range of patterns and designs - from ribbed to woven to colourful sunset stripes. What’s more heartwarming and romantic than the last sunrays of fall? 

Long socks for cold snaps

Roll up, roll up, get your long socks here! As temperatures drop, it’s time to say goodbye to your cool-weather ankle socks. Every fashion lover knows that no autumn outfit is finished without a pair of mid-calf socks. Over at our sustainable online shop, you’ll find 7 simple designs that are made in sustainable mixes like 96% organic cotton, 3% recycled polyester and 1% recycled elastane. With the option to grab a nepped pair, they not only complete a look, but look completely original. Besides that - they also keep your ankles and shins feeling extra toasty.