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10 tips: how to take care of your clothes

1 min read

10 tips: how to take care of your clothes

We always receive a lot of questions about how to make your clothing last longer. Choosing quality garments is the best start, but even they need the proper love and care to endure. 

We heard your call: here are our top 10 tips. 

  1. Steam garments in the shower

Placing garments in the bathroom while you shower can help straighten out wrinkles and relax the fibres so that the garment returns to its original form. It can also get rid of odours, which helps out with the next tip. 

  1. Wash less frequently and on 30 degrees

Try to wash your clothes as infrequently as possible to preserve their quality. Spot clean stains and air out garments to freshen them up. 

  1. Empty your pockets

Remember to check your garment before washing it, to get rid of tissues or other odds and ends which can ruin pockets and make a mess of your laundry. 

  1. Close zippers and other fasteners before washing

This will prevent snagging and breakages. We also recommend loosely tying strings to avoid knotting.

  1. Avoid using the dryer 

Though convenient, dryers will damage garments and can decrease elasticity. We recommend line-drying your clothing upside down. For fabrics like wool and TENCEL™ Lyocell specifically, flat drying is the best option. 

  1. Divide your clothes into bags when washing

Putting delicate garments into mesh bags adds that extra layer of protection. It also avoids the need to do multiple laundry loads, saving water and time. 

  1. Learn basic repairs

A loose thread or a missing button can be easily fixed: knowing how can make a noticeable difference to your wallet and the lifespan of your garment. 

  1. Let everything air out

If possible, lay your garment flat on an airer every now and then to allow the elastic to relax. 

  1. Fold clothes along the seams

To avoid unwanted creases and maintain the shape of the item. Before ironing, please check your fabric’s specific requirements. 

  1. Use a pilling brush or comb

Over time small spheres of fibre can appear on the surface of your garments. The solution is simple: use a pilling brush or comb to leave your clothing looking as good as the first day you wore it.