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12 Unmissable Winter Fashion Trends

6 min read

12 Unmissable Winter Fashion Trends

Heads up ocean lovers: winter is on its way. With the colder season comes more style opportunities and more sustainable trends to keep abreast of! We’ve scoured the internet (and our own wardrobes) to bring you this comprehensive guide to winter fashion trends that we hope will warm your spirits just as well as the styles we’ve featured.

In general terms, this winter looks to be leaning more to the casual end of the spectrum, with sneakers and joggers featuring among more established winter styles like belted coats and vests. Read on for the full list of winter fashion trends! As usual, you can find sustainable versions of all the trends mentioned in our Nouveautés Hommes and Femmes sections. 

1. Bomber Jackets

Vogue assures us that flight jackets will be taking off this winter. With their charming cut, lightweight feel, and classic good looks, we can see why. The bomber jacket has been a wardrobe staple for years - so dust yours off or buy a new one now to stay on top of this latest winter trend! You can make yours sustainable by shopping our recycled polyester bomber jackets or our much-loved TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ alternative which comes with warm quilted padding. If you didn’t know already, TENCEL™ x REFIBRA™ is partially made from upcycled cotton scraps, making it a circular solution to fashion waste while still feeling as breathtakingly soft as regular TENCEL™ Lyocell.

Recommended: Bertha wavy bomber. Bobel quilted bomber. Dolin recycled bomber.

2. Recycled Knits

Lighting up runways and school-runs alike this winter, recycled knits are also on the trend checklist: especially knits that have touchable textures and come in jazzy block colours. Given the industry’s obsession with churning out new styles as fast as possible (which is not at all sustainable), we’ve long believed that recycling is the way forward for fashion. Much of our knitwear is therefore made from premium Italian and French yarns that make full use of existing resources and help drive down emissions. They feel just as warm and cosy as regular knitwear too! Some of our favourites from this season are oversized, and have eye-catching geometric patterns. Add recycled knits to your pile of winter fashion trends

Recommended: Tubai block colours. Raitoru bicolour. Fyn panel

3. Cable-knit details

Another winter fashion trend centring on knitwear. Featuring thick overlocking patterns in wool or organic cotton, the cable-knit has an attractive appearance and affords the wearer extra warmth. While some of our styles are entirely composed of a cable-knit structure, others incorporate this trend in subtler ways - through the sleeves alone. Whatever your taste for cable-knit winter fashion trend, you’ll find plenty of choice here. 

Recommended: Curtis w/ cable sleeves. Rama Cay w/ cable sleeves. Tahanea cable knit.  

4. Wide Leg Trousers

Jeans are definitely on the winter horizon, and you can make yours extra fashionable by picking wide leg women’s trousers. If opting for dependable denim, you’ll be happy to hear that ours is made with a sustainable wash that uses less water to achieve that classic denim blue. Or if leaning more towards smart trousers, you’ll find options in linen or soft organic cotton and even our old friend TENCEL™ Lyocell. Wide leg trousers are more comfortable, and offer an elegant silhouette that can spruce up any casual look. We love this 2022 winter fashion trend.

Recommended: Corocoro trousers. Angel dark blue jeans. Sonsorol jeans

5. Belted Coats

Blending laid-back style with urban class, this winter fashion trend is all about tying your look together. A belted coat is an excellent addition to a winter wardrobe as it feels even cosier and more convenient than a regular jacket. You’ll find ours in a medium weight virgin wool, blended with recycled nylon for extra durability.

Recommended: Liran longline coat. Ogami toffee-coloured jacket.

6. Turtle-neck with joggers

Remember when we said winter 2022 was looking pretty casual? Well this is what we were talking about! Match a turtle-neck with a modest pair of jogging bottoms to create an understated look that puts all the focus onto your beautiful winter knit. Expect to see this winter fashion trend during your outings for Christmas shopping and in all your favourite lifestyle magazines.  

Recommended: Tahanea turtle-neck

7. Black is Back

Was it ever gone? Well, for much of summer - yes. Thankfully, black is back on trend right in time for TWOTHIRDS to release their own black and white capsule. You’ll already find many related styles in our current collection, including velvet jumpers and plain black jeans. Black is a timeless colour which means that, from a sustainability perspective, you can incorporate it into your capsule wardrobe or bring it back season after season, reducing clothing waste. A fashion trend that transcends time! 

Forthcoming designs: Endicott wool mackintosh, Takaroa flowy trousers, Patos jumpsuit, Jahleel dress.  

8. Overshirts

Instantly elevating any everyday look, overshirts provide the final touch to any autumn/winter outfit. Our men’s organic corduroy overshirts are especially trendy, while we also have a number of more defined-looking women’s jackets that are light enough to double as overshirts. Offering a unique papery texture, our Snape shirt jacket features 43% recycled marine plastics, making it a must-try for ocean lovers. 

Recommended: Penang corduroy shirt. Snape jacket. Maya navy jacket. 

9. Sneakers

You may be thinking that it’s the season for boots and heavy footwear, but the casual nature of winter fashion in 2022/2023 makes sneakers more essential than ever. Luckily enough, we make sneakers from sustainably sourced materials like recycled rubber and organic cotton canvas. These minimalistically styled shoes will work perfectly with any of the winter fashion trends already mentioned, making them a versatile option that creates a smaller environmental footprint. 

Recommended: Cabrera sneakers, Toro slip-ons, Illot sneakers. 

10. Long coats with a knit on top

If that sounds odd (don’t knits go under coats?!) think of wearing your favourite sweat around your shoulders on a sunny day. In winter, a warm knit around your neck over a long coat will feel much more weather and style appropriate. We’re seeing this street style popping up all over Pinterest at the moment, which has us convinced it’s gonna be a guaranteed trend for winter. For coats that have a defined neckline, you may prefer to use a hoodie instead. 

Recommended: Santa Rita coat. Liran coat. Plus a sustainable knit without buttons or turtle-neck.

11. Vests

Put the “vest into “investment piece” with this indispensable winter fashion trend. So-called “sheepskin” vests are proving popular among celebrity crowds whereas our recycled polyester vests offer the same look without the fast fashion impact. A beautiful and timeless choice for your sustainable wardrobe.

Recommended: Labuan in beige or black. 

12. Bring on the beanies

Making full use of the wool and cable knit trends for winter, these accessories will really top your outfit off. You can find striped organic cotton beanies that keep your sustainability priorities in check and merino wool choices that will keep the heat in. While some fashion purists tend to opt for muted tones, in our opinion: the more colour, the better! 

Recommended: check out our headwear to discover the full range of sustainable beanies.