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2021 Eco Report

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2021 Eco Report

Read The Full Report Here.

2021 was a crucial year for the environment. The IPCC issued a “code red” for humanity. Politicians did their very best to ignore it, but inched closer to solutions. While activists the world over fought and won several real victories on behalf of the planet. 

Some saw the year as a turning point, others as a point of no return. 

As always, TWOTHIRDS sides with the optimists. We continue to focus on what can be done to improve the integrity of our clothing and secure the health of our oceans. Along with the actions they document, our Eco Reports are themselves a big piece of this puzzle. “They make us accountable on the inside and outside”, our head of sustainability, Lukas, explains, “helping us to see where we’re progressing and where we are not doing as well as we’d like.” For similar reasons, Lukas views Climate Neutrality as the main highlight from 2021, “because it not only makes a difference by paying for carbon contributions but also lays the groundwork for ensuring that we monitor our carbon footprint, and understand ourselves better.” 

From another perspective, our head of design, Pilar (who we interviewed back in July), points out that we were able to reduce the percentage of polyamide that was in many wool garments and launch our first limited collection - made entirely from premium fabrics that were sitting unused in factories. 

Both Pilar and Lukas take recycling to be one of the year’s major talking points. The report states a rise of 62.5% in the amount of recycling materials we used; a huge leap forward.

Our founder Lutz notes, “10 years ago only nylon could be recycled, and we were asking ourselves, how are they going to do it with materials like cotton and wool? Well now it’s possible and we are using it!” He said, “I’m really hopeful about the circular economy and how low impact the whole process can be, reusing resources instead of pulling more of them out of the ground.”

Lutz concluded, “For me, recycling is the future.” 

On that note, we proudly present the TWOTHIRDS Eco Report 2021. 

Read The Full Report Here.

Dedicated to our community, our team, our customers, and to every ocean lover.