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5 Sensational Skirt Trends You'll See Everywhere This Spring

3 min read

5 Sensational Skirt Trends You'll See Everywhere This Spring

Let’s not skirt the issue: jupes can be tricky to wear at the best of times. What’s on trend? Do they fit my style? Will I get strange looks? Are all valid questions when it comes to the multiverse of jupes. We’re on hand to help, with 5 of the best skirt trends for Spring 2023 that will leave you feeling a) comfortable and unself-conscious b) stylish and c) on the top of your game. 

Our jupes are designed with all this in mind - plus the bonus that they are crafted with sustainable fibres. The result? Eco-friendly skirts that feel great to wear.

1. Denim

Our denim skirt, the Kuratake, is proving to be very popular with ocean lovers. 100% vegan and irresistibly stylish, it’s not hard to see why this denim skirt has made a splash. Dyed with a GOTS wash that leaves a lighter impact on the planet, and composed of recycled and organic cotton, this skirt brings sustainability in abundance. This skirt comes in a comfortable above-the-knee length, not too high and not too low.  

Denim skirts are an effortless addition to your weekday wardrobe. You don’t want to miss this skirt trend in 2023. 

2. Full Skirts

According to one fashion source, you can expect to see more full (or maxi) jupes this season. The ruffled skirt style is particularly prominent, which is good news for fans of TWOTHIRDS. Our new vertically ruffled Davaar skirt is made from LENZING™ ECOVERO™ branded viscose, so it is ultra comfy and super smooth. This type of viscose has been made in a closed loop system, in which 99% of water and solvents are recycled. The production emits 50% less CO₂ than regular viscose. 

The perfect statement skirt, shop the Davaar while it’s still in stock, and on trend

3. Wrap

Wrap skirts are the ultimate springtime companion piece. They work well with all kinds of sustainable tops - black looks especially flattering - and are a very breezy option for the hotter weather. The Flaherty skirt comes in one of our favourite new hues, balsam blue. 

If you’ve never owned a wrap skirt before, know only this: it makes getting ready extremely simple - just “wrap, tie and go”. Our new wrap skirt is made from linen, a natural fibre that is durable and softens with every wash. Begin your linen wrap skirt journey today! 

A skirt trend that you’ll definitely be everywhere this Spring.  

4. Pleated

For a vintage look, you’re going to want to try this skirt trend in Spring 2023. The Acuña pleated skirt has a mid-thigh cut, classy pleats and a button-up front making it extra practical and easy to wear. One of the main cons of wearing skirts is that they don’t always come with pockets - with the Acuña that simply isn’t a problem. This spring skirt is also sustainably sourced from trees! An excellent sustainable skirt trend, that adds a touch of femininity to your sustainable wardrobe.

5. Bright Florals

We’re not quite done with florals yet, and that extends to our fifth and final skirt trend of Spring 2023. In a beautiful bouquet print, the Nosy Saba maxi skirt adds a vibrant pop of colour to your wardrobe. With an elasticated waistband and a series of light ruffles woven into the skirt, this is as lightweight and breezy as they come. We loved wearing this one in Morocco, where the bright blues of Taghazout really made the colour palette shine. 

Floral skirts are an inspired skirt trend for Spring 2023. 


Whether you opt for pleated, floral, denim, wrapped, or ruffled, our skirt trend selection offers an unbeatable combination of timelessness and contemporary flair. As you’ll have read already, each skirt makes the right trade-off between style and sustainability, offering the lowest environmental impact we could manage. It’s also worth adding that these skirts are crafted in factories in Northern Portugal, a region steeped in textile tradition. Expect high quality, precise craftsmanship, and sublime comfort with every sustainable skirt on this list.