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5 Sustainable Autumn Outfits You’ll Fall In Love With

4 min read

5 Sustainable Autumn Outfits You’ll Fall In Love With

As the birds start to think about flying south, and the leaves turn a lovely shade of auburn, many of us will be eyeing up our wardrobes with varying degrees of excitement and/or panic. According to at least one poll, autumn is considered the best season for fashion - and by a distance. We love it too (not just for style reasons) but that doesn’t mean we’re always sure of what to wear. Thankfully, there’s plenty of inspiration in our new collection! So we’re spotlighting 5 sustainable autumn outfits that really stand out from the crowd. 

First off, what constitutes a sustainable outfit? Well, sustainable outfits feel good as well as looking good - because they involve garments that are better for the environment. The goal of sustainable fashion is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, avoid chemical pollution, increase the longevity of garments, and create something beautiful - of course! Sustainability can involve making the most of what you already have (in which case these outfit ideas may serve more as a template), buying less, and making sure that what you do buy, comes from an eco-friendly company. For example: TWOTHIRDS is Climate Neutral, which means that the emissions produced by our company and our garments are reduced and offset. Read more here

We’d say sustainable autumn outfits are all about layers, craftsmanship, and style combos. Throw in a bit of ocean culture / urban chic and you’re really talking our language!

Autumn outfits for Women

Baggy Top & Slouchy Trousers & Ocean Sneakers

This sustainable autumn outfit combines comfort with class. Not only are the trousers loose and airy, they also cut an elegant line. Meanwhile a feminine top with loose sleeves continues the sense of flow and introduces a refined chest detail. The trousers are made from TENCEL™ Lyocell (a silky fibre spun from sustainably sourced wood pulp) and the top is part eco-friendly viscose, part linen. Slouchy trousers are on Who What Wear’s autumn watchlist, so you know you’re in the right ballpark for style!

We’ve topped things off with a pair of brown ocean sneakers. Why “ocean”? We hear you ask. Made from sustainable materials with a lower water impact, they contain a wave print lining and feature a wavy sole - so we fully expect them to be used on the shoreline. 

Products featured: Nanshan top, Corocoro trousers, Cabrera sneakers.

Long Coat & Print Blouse & Black Jeans

The foundation of this autumn outfit is a pair of simple black jeans that can be repurposed time and again. Ours are made from organic cotton. We’ve paired them with a silky soft printed blouse (sustainable of course) and given the look an urban edge with a sweeping woollen coat in washed green. Suit-like lapels make this one a smart choice. Cold autumn day? Style it away. 

Products featured: Heiwa jacket, Maug Blouse, Eigg jeans.

Floral Jumpsuit & Organic Cardigan

That’s right, flowers aren’t just for spring and summer. The protagonist of this autumn outfit is a floral jumpsuit: easy, effortless style with a pattern (and fabric) drawn from nature. It’s made from LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose, sourced from sustainably managed forests. A chunky organic cotton cardigan wraps you in warmth and offsets the dark shade of the jumpsuit. Ideal for in-between days.

Products featured: Vahanga jumpsuit, Marken cardigan.

Autumn outfits for Men

Baseball Tee & Straight Cut Jeans & Multi-colour Socks

Knock casual style out of the park this autumn with a baseball tee. Blue raglan sleeves and a white base make this one a versatile choice, while recycled materials are a home run for sustainability. We recommend pairing such a tee with stylish straight cut jeans. Our blue pair involves an “e-flow” finishing effect which prevents water pollution associated with industrial denim decolourisation. This sustainable autumn outfit is tied together with a pair of autumnal socks. They’re made from organic and recycled fibres to help you be sustainable from head to toe. 

Products featured: Likuri top, Totoya jeans, Taiaro socks.

Roll Neck Jumper & Cords

Corduroy is the king of autumn! Not only does its name carry royal weight (“cord of the king” in French), it’s also perfect for changeable and colder weather. Switch out your sun-faded summer shorts for a pair of micro cord trousers in an autumnal colour - “latte” in our case. For the complete look, pair it with a high neck or roll neck recycled jumper that feels warm, and is low maintenance. You’ll look like a professor who has swapped physics for fashion. 

Products featured: Agadir jumper, Balavu pants. 

Sad summer’s over? Try out any of our sustainable autumn outfits to celebrate the coming season of style.