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5 Vibrant Women's Styles For A Sensational Summer

3 min read

5 Vibrant Women's Styles For A Sensational Summer

Late Summer has landed! In July; how can that be? Well, we make collections ahead of time, to give you the option to PRE-ORDER and reduce clothing waste. Look ahead to the tail-end of a beautiful season with our Nouveautés garments.

While it’s always difficult to pick-out favourites from a new collection - since every style is designed with love and care! - we’ve taken it upon ourselves to select 5 of our most marvellous styles, from shirts to jumpsuits. These are the ocean-friendly options that are guaranteed to make you stand out, with sustainability always at the front of your mind. 

1. A Denim Delight

In the market for a sustainable shirt this summer? Then take a piece of Paradise, with its Sky Blue colour that will keep you cool regardless of the heat. In an organic cotton, pesticide-free fabric that just so happens to be vegan too. 

Denim shirts look the business. They’re smart while pairing well with just about any bottom you’ve got at your disposal. Ours looks especially good tucked into high-waisted Navy trousers, for a fully sea-inspired outfit. 
Get the total look by shopping the Haruku trousers. 

2. Our Fanciest Shirt

Check the labels at any major clothing shop this summer and you’ll likely find lots of references to one fibre - Viscose. It’s usually blended with linen and/or cotton for a cooler result, but don’t be fooled: this fibre is linked to deforestation and poor social sustainability. Pick up the Homonhon instead: an eco shirt that not only has a fancy print (making you the envy of every beach party), but is made with LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose, a silky soft fibre with 50% of the climate impacts of regular viscose. Read all about it here.

And if that doesn’t sway you, consider the styling possibilities of this shirt: which works well with jeans as well as elevating any shorts set. Everyone needs a fancy shirt, make the Homonhon yours. 

3. The All-In-One

Since we launched them back in 2020, our TENCEL™ Lyocell jumpsuits have been consistent fan favourites! This sustainable jumpsuit is your all-in-one style solution, a design that you can turn to whenever the spectre of a wardrobe crisis rears its head. Super soft to the touch, the Alphonse’s 100% botanic fibre composition was made for summer. With built-in belt, elasticated waist, and contrasting corozo buttons. An eco-friendly jumpsuit for the ages. 

Pair with ocean sneakers for the ultimate getaway get-up. 

4. Take-It-Breezy Trousers

These might be the most breathable trousers we’ve ever made! With a super loose fit and summer’s favourite fabric, Linen, the Pinzon have breathability in abundance. Linen has a sturdy quality and loose-thread, making it cooler on your skin than regular materials. 

But, besides an awesome fit and charming fabric, it’s really the Pinzon’s cascade green colour that makes it the pride of our Summer collection

5. The Sunset Sweat

As the sun goes down on another gorgeous summer, why not wear this lighter toned sweater for all your sand and surf-related activities? With a “beach-worn look” this sustainable sweater is an absolute pleasure to wear, and features balsam coloured stripes as well as a cosy oversized fit. 

Made from 100% organic cotton. Pair the Aksi sustainable sweater with a pair of light-blue sustainable jeans


Less is sometimes more. You can give your wardrobe a summer boost without buying stacks of clothing: these 5 styles will do the job with flair. Sustainability in a range of fabulous fibres, paired with a waterfall of vibrant colours like Rose Petals and Cascade Green. Born to be Bestsellers, these 5 sustainable styles should be bought before they go out of stock!