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7 Of The Best Winter Jackets For Women!

3 min read

7 Of The Best Winter Jackets For Women!

TWOTHIRDS creates outerwear that you can be proud to wear. Our sustainable winter jackets are crafted from high quality fabrics and embellished with excellent trimmings that are organic, recycled, or renewable. Each jacket is crafted in Northern Portugal, an area rich in textile tradition with an impressive supply of the latest sustainable materials. This enables us to blend the classic with the contemporary, a dictum that also applies to the styles themselves! 

To help you find the best winter jacket for women, we’ve compiled this special shortlist of winter outerwear. In 2022 we’re all about wrapping you up warm in recycled polyester fleeces, robe coats, and parkas, or presenting gorgeous rounded hems courtesy of our lighter styles. 

Top Winter Jackets For Women

1. Dundas - Dark Mustard

Top of our list is this stylish winter jacket, with shearling collar. It comes in a compact build and attractive mustard colour. A thick helping of mulesing-free wool (700gsm) gives you the protection you need to endure colder weather while sustainably sourced corozo buttons bring the look together. Even the pockets are button-up, allowing you to store away any items you need to take with you on the go. The body binding is sealed with organic cotton. Finally, the collar itself is made from recycled polyester, which gives it a soft yet durable characteristic. Guaranteed to set the jacket-envy metre soaring among colleagues and friends.

2. Ikema - Green

A 100% recycled style, add Ikema to your sustainable winter wishlist! Repurposing plastic waste into a beautiful green fleece, this choice features a collar, 2 handy button-up pockets and a recycled cotton interior. Once more, our “vegetable ivory” buttons add another talking point. Ideal for ocean lovers who want to reduce plastic waste by wearing quality fashion.

3. Ramea - Washed Green

Back on familiar ground: a lovely woollen winter jacket with gathered sleeves, recycled polyester sleeve linings and an organic cotton body lining. This jacket is not short on unique touches, however, with two-way pockets that open at the top and side and metallic snap buttons that make sure the cold air can’t get in. Rounded hems give the look a final flourish.

4. Reef - Toffee

Despite Reef’s sweet-toothed colour, there are no guilty consciences here. A 75% virgin wool and 25% recycled polyamide blend, we bring you a women’s jacket that combines warmth with sustainability. The recycled polyamide content ensures that the jacket is even more durable too. Meanwhile, dropped shoulders and smart lapels combine formal elegance with comfy charm. A thigh-length cut offers more coverage than the last 3 styles. 

This women’s jacket comes with all the sustainable trimmings: an organic body lining, a recycled sleeve lining, and smooth corozo buttons. But what really sets the Reef apart is that beautiful hue. 

5. Taquile - Dark Green

Ahh, Taquile! Our warmest jacket and a TWOTHIRDS classic at that. We’ve been making this one for years due to its enduring popularity. Thick 700gsm wool fends off the cold, the hood provides protection from the wind and wooden buttons give it a 100% natural aesthetic. A sustainable winter parka if ever there was one.

6. Skorpio - Roof

Fearful of sudden downpours this winter? Then this sustainable jacket for women is for you. Constructed from 100% organic cotton, the Skorpio’s fabric has a lower water impact than regular cotton and produces fewer emissions. This coat is treated with innovative Teflon EcoElite™ which is manufactured to repel water and protect against stains. The finish has plant-based origins and is non-fluorinated, meaning it contains no “forever” chemicals. Better for the planet and better for humans too. Teflon EcoElite™ endures beyond 30 washes, making it a highly sustainable option in more ways than one. 

Skorpio is lightweight, low impact, and altogether loveable. It’s also vegan and can be worn right the year round.

7. Liran - Black

Nothing says style better than a jet black robe jacket! This one is crafted from merino wool and recycled polyamide, a match made in heaven. It is cut in sleek, sloping lines that are tied together (or not, as you choose) with its built-in belt. Falling to calf length, expect Liran to offer total warmth and trending style. Works beautifully with a neutral-toned turtle-neck, trainers and jeans. 

This has been seven of our finest winter jackets for women! Craving more? Check out our jackets department for more TWOTHIRDS favourites.