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A Guide To TWOTHIRDS Essentials: The Best Of Basics

4 min read

A Guide To TWOTHIRDS Essentials: The Best Of Basics

In 2023, we launched our Essentials range: affordable garments that are made from eco-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, and can form part of your “everyday wardrobe”. With prices ranging from €19 to €34, TWOTHIRDS Essentials make sustainability affordable and versatile. Like the majority of our garments, they’re produced in Northern Portugal, where quality craftsmanship is king. 

And here’s why they matter: many fast fashion “Essential” or “Basic” ranges combine simplicity with unsustainable practices. For example, the use of polyester (a non-biodegradable, fossil-fuel derived material linked to high carbon emissions) cotton (a resource intensive crop) and viscose (linked to deforestation and chemical contamination) to drive down costs. They may produce in countries that do not have stringent labour laws, resulting in human rights issues. 

In other words - your high street basics are not as basic as they are made to seem. As sustainable fashion blogger and activist Aditi Mayer commented recently, “the goal of fast fashion is alienation; the consumer should be alienated from the source of what they consume and the product itself is basically disposable.” Big brands want to make the sale as easy as possible by failing to disclose important information - and crafting goods that could just as easily fall apart / be disposed of and bought again. 

As always, we want to provide a sustainable alternative that is far from disposable. First, let’s consider the materials that go into our Essentials range.

Organic Cotton: Pros And Cons

Organic cotton is most often contrasted with conventional cotton, a material with a “dirty” reputation. While some of the presumed facts about conventional cotton may not be true, the reality is that it does involve the disproportionate use of pesticides and fertilisers and has been linked to land degradation. Here’s how Organic Cotton compares.

Pros of Organic Cotton

  • No artificial fertilisers or pesticides = fewer emissions
  • The protection of biodiversity and low risk of water pollution
  • Reduced global warming potential versus cotton
  • 100% vegan 
  • Organic cotton farmers are not exposed to hazardous chemicals
  • Soft and breathable

Cons of Organic Cotton

We consider Organic Cotton to be our baseline material. While more sustainable than conventional fast fashion fabrics, it still leaves something to be desired - which is why we also use qualities like recycled cotton, botanic fibers from LENZING AG over in Austria, and even recycled marine plastics. Often we need to blend different fibres together to increase the lifespan of our garments (since that is an important aspect of sustainability too).

TWOTHIRDS Essentials Composition

Accordingly, many TWOTHIRDS Essentials are made from an ultra-comfy fabric mix: 88% organic cotton for softness, 8% recycled polyamide for moisture absorbance and durability plus 4% elastane for the elasticity you’d expect from underwear. 

If you were being critical, you might point out that elastane is not eco-friendly. That’s true: elastane is a synthetic fibre that won’t biodegrade. But we use it in minimal quantities - only where it is needed - as opposed to fast fashion brands who make synthetics their go-to fibres. 

Our total use of virgin elastane amounted to 1% in 2022. 

Meanwhile our super soft organic cotton blend is renowned for its comfort. Many of our Essential styles are actually seamless, meaning they’re constructed on a circular knitting machine that avoids fabric waste and any irritation or discomfort caused by regular clothing. Organic cotton basics are better for the environment and also for your skin, engendering greater breathability than polyester. 

Did you know? Some TWOTHIRDS Essentials like our Recycled Rib Tank (pictured below) are actually made from recycled polyester and recycled cotton, for an even lower environmental impact. This comes courtesy of one of our favourite producers, Recover™

The Coolest Colours

We’re constantly complimented on the range and uniqueness of our colours. TWOTHIRDS Essentials are no different! Where other brands might opt for minimal white and black, our organic cotton essentials come in various shades, from Viridian Green to Peach. Find the colour that works for you!

3 Essential Styles

We’d be remiss if we didn’t make a few essential remarks about the following products…

1. Organic Pointelle Tee In Ecru

One of the only TWOTHIRDS Essential styles made from 100% Organic Cotton, this elegant and pretty t-shirt can be used as sleepwear, loungewear, or as an undergarment. The Ecru colour is a firm favourite among the TWOTHIRDS fanbase, a touch more refined than bright white. 

2. Figueral + Caragolé In Viridian Green

Our first generation of seamless underwear was released way back in 2020. The Figueral was a major draw, quickly becoming one of our most popular organic cotton styles. With an alluring U-neck design and comfortable double-band shoulder straps, you’ll feel empowered and confident in this design. For bottoms, look no further than the Caragolé, which is ribbed like the Figueral with zero pinching. Our new Viridian Green edition is even more irresistible. 

3. Moller In Citron / Misty Blue / Black / Mint

You could say that the Moller, mola (Spanish slang for cool), because these seamless briefs are likely to be the coolest underwear you own. With a breathable mesh-like structure and smart colour range, they make the most of our organic cotton seamless fabric and look good doing so! Featuring a ribbed elastic band for added comfort.

All TWOTHIRDS Essentials are designed in Barcelona and crafted in Portugal.