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A New Tradition

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A New Tradition
Despite our love of the nomadic life, we are creatures of habit. One ritual, started when the kids were just old enough to sit at the breakfast table, is pancakes. Weekends are family days for us and every Saturday and Sunday, almost without fail, starts with pancakes as a family. In London, the tradition was followed by a family activity: a walk in the heath, a trip to a playground or visit to a museum. We even kept the tradition during our year travelling the globe, albeit with mixed results—try making pancakes for six in a camper-van or finding the necessary ingredients in a Japanese super market!
Since arriving in Byron Bay last November, we’ve settled into a fairly predictable pattern. Saturdays are crêpe days and Sundays are American style, ‘fat’ pancakes. With blueberries in season down under, the latter are especially tasty right now! As for the family activity, well, we head to the beach of course!
This past Sunday we heard reports of good conditions at The Pass, Byron’s famed point break. We also heard the morning would be best. So we ate quickly and packed up the extra pancakes for post surf munchies. It turned out to be a perfect day. Easton, Quin, Ivy and I all had a surf. Courtney was tempted but the slightly chilly water put her off. Marlow, as ever, was content playing on the beach.
It was a perfect Sunday for all. And aside from a few sandy bites,
pancakes at The Pass is a tradition we’ll be keeping!

Warmest wishes from sunny Byron Bay,
The Adamo Family