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SAVE THE SEA during Black Week

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SAVE THE SEA during Black Week





This year we will turn the black week blue.

We will not only offer you special discounts on our beautiful products, but for each purchase, made by you, we will clean up a part of selected beaches. Our common goal is to collect 100 kg of trash in total.

Ecomar Black Week

 We at TWOTHIRDS are proud to have partnered with Ecomar and together with your help, we will clean beaches throughout the entire black week.

Our Friends from EcoMar are cleaning beaches since nineteen years and have so far cleaned 17,000 meters of coastline with the help of over 2 million children. 

Ecomar Black Week 

Ecomar was founded by Theresa Zabell in 1998 who decided to dedicate herself to the marine environment. She is a double Olympic medalist in sailing wanted to return to the sea what the sea had given to her. For this goal, she set up the Ecomar Foundation with a small group of altruistic defenders of nature. The Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to education in the care of our seas, their flora and fauna. 

Ecomar Black Week 

The main objective is to raise awareness among children through:

  • specific programs of coexistence in sport

  • workshops of care and respect for the planet

  • coastal cleaning

  • responsible food and care of our body

  • bringing the youngest to ecological values and immerse them in the culture of marine respect in the most natural way possible


Each day we will inform you through our newsletter how many kilos we have achieved so far. 

EcoMar, TWOTHIRDS and you will join forces this Black Week to make a difference together for a better future and cleaner beaches.

With much respect from Barcelona, 

The people from TWOTHIRDS