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Eco Underwear Made by Women for Women

4 min read

Eco Underwear Made by Women for Women

Insights from expert designer, Marina Giménez Dominguez

A vital member of our celebrated eco fashion design team, Marina works across all parts of our adult collections. However, it is sustainable underwear that she specifically excels at creating, imagining designs that marry sustainable fashion practices with levels of comfort that will have you wondering, “Did I remember to put my underwear on this morning?”

Her expertise in sustainable underwear stems from having grown up fascinated by her auntie’s underwear haberdashery, where she spent her afternoons as a child. It was there that she gained a grounding in everything from buttons, to socks, to laces. 

Far from being a young bystander in the family-run shop, she was encouraged to help serve her auntie’s loyal customers. This sparked an interest in fashion that has been in evidence ever since she became part of the TWOTHIRDS crew.

Below you will find some of the sustainable underwear insights that Marina is uniquely able to provide. Don’t worry, though, we’ve stopped short of her giving away all our trade secrets!

Designs that move with your body!

The most important part of any underwear design is that it should be comfortable, after all, these are the pieces of clothing closest to your skin, prone to rubbing and causing other forms of discomfort.

Our sustainable underwear does away with such irritations. Many pieces boast seamless designs, so that raised stitching cannot agitate sensitive skin. This means that no matter how active your lifestyle is, our eco-friendly underwear will keep pace with you.

Such fluid underwear designs are made even more enjoyable to wear by the fabrics Marina selects. These include fabrics that feature soft and breathable organic cotton, which she sometimes combines with recycled polyamides, to provide additional durability and flexibility.

Colours to delight or blend in

Every sustainable wardrobe needs various types of eco underwear. First, there’s playful underwear that demands attention or catches the eye. Second, there’s understated underwear, which blends in and matches with any sustainable outfit.

Marina has been careful to ensure that both varieties exist in our sustainable underwear range, so that you can have pieces standout or be as inconspicuous as you wish. The colours she tends to opt for are influenced by nature, with many earthen tones keeping things neutral, to make pieces as versatile as possible.

What’s more, she tries to ensure that all the coloured dyes featured in our underwear range are as sustainable and as non-water intensive as possible, so you know they weren’t made beautiful at the expense of rivers and oceans.

No itchy labels

Many fashion brands insist on continuing to attach itchy and annoying labels to their underwear. This leads to people having to make that dreaded label snip, only to leave an annoyingly itchy flap of label fabric.

All the information attached to our underwear usually comes on printed labels, which lie flush against your skin. Further garment care information is included on our plastic-free, sustainable clothing tags. It’s this attention to detail that truly sets our eco-friendly underwear apart.

Versatility comes as standard

Part of the great attraction of TWOTHIRDS’ sustainable underwear and eco-friendly loungewear ranges is that they are effortlessly versatile. Many vests and tops can be used as base layers during colder months or can double as thin outer layers in warmer climes.

This is not down to chance, because Marina is consciously on the lookout for designs that can bring added versatility to every piece. Not only does this increase the wearability of each garment, but it also means you will not need to stock your sustainable wardrobe with countless pieces of underwear, which in turn reduces environmentally harmful overproduction.

Ethical production means better quality

It stands to reason that a worker who’s treated fairly and with dignity will produce a higher calibre of eco-friendly clothing. We see firsthand how this is the case, because we’re always delighted with the handcrafted, high-quality underwear that’s created by our family-run suppliers in Portugal.

This is particularly important to Marina, who saw her auntie’s small local business close due to the pressures imposed on it by fast fashion. Her slow fashion designs, now being brought to life by small family businesses in Portugal, are her way of fighting back.

Extra vegan friendly

Another huge eco upside to our underwear range is that every sustainable bra, bralette, boxer short, vest, slip, top or bottom is vegan.

While many regular fashion fabrics such as virgin cotton are technically vegan, the organic cotton we use goes the extra mile to protect animals. This is because it is less water intensive and farmed without the use of toxic pesticides, which can be incredibly detrimental to the natural habitats of many species.

As someone who has drastically reduced her intake of animal products in recent years, Marina is, once again, at the forefront of ensuring TWOTHIRDS underwear is kind to ecosystems and the creatures that rely on them.