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Fact Or Fiction: Is Corduroy Sustainable?

3 min read

Fact Or Fiction: Is Corduroy Sustainable?

Yes, corduroy can be sustainable. Just like most fashionable fabrics. We’ll get into the nitty gritty later, but for now - let’s fix you up with some corduroy context. Corduroy is a twill weave fabric, which means that it’s woven in a diagonal pattern that creates clearly defined vertical ribs. These ribs can be of varying thicknesses - which are measured as ‘wale’. It’s the kind of textured material you’ll usually find crumpled up in a vintage market. And as we gear up for autumn, we wanted to be sure you were fully versed on the corduroy conundrum in sustainable fashion as well as offering a few styles of our own. 

You may have asked yourself why is corduroy so popular? What’s behind the trend? Only 300 years of class and comfort, that’s what. Corduroy has its boom and bust periods but you’re never going to be frowned upon for showing up in a beautiful corduroy jacket, or a mouth-watering set of cord trousers. And if you’re not convinced, here are: 

3 reasons you should wear corduroy (if you aren’t already…)

1. You’ll warm to it quickly.

Due to its thick structure, corduroy is a warm fabric. That must be why it’s most often seen in autumn and winter, when lighter fabrics go into hibernation. 

2. Comfort worthy of a king

Corduroy. Corde-du-roi. Cord of the King. The fabric’s name supposedly comes from its links to French royalty. While corduroy is likely to have more humble roots (think: working class England) that won’t stop you from flaunting your niche knowledge - and comfort.

3. Feel-good, forever.

The durability of corduroy is often noted. When cared for in the right way, it’ll keep you comfy for decades. 

Is corduroy natural or synthetic?

These days, corduroy tends to be made of 100% cotton or 100% wool. In the 20th century,  however, corduroy manufacturers did sometimes make cords from polyester. Thanks to a burgeoning interest in sustainability, most corduroy styles are not synthetic. But just because corduroy is natural doesn’t mean it’s sustainable, as we’ll explain.

Is corduroy sustainable?

Corduroy’s durability already makes it a slow fashion favourite. However, to qualify as sustainable it must be made from 100% organic or recycled materials. Most often, organic cotton is the chosen medium, because it is soft, supple and pesticide-free. Organic cotton farmers utilise earth-friendly cultivation techniques such as crop rotation, natural irrigation, and manual weeding. It follows that corduroy made from organic cotton is also earth-friendly.

By contrast, an “all-natural” fabric is not automatically sustainable. Conventional cotton, while ‘natural, is produced using unregulated amounts of synthetic chemicals, which pollute the planet and the soil it grows in.

Sustainable Corduroy for This Season


In 2022, all of our corduroy is 100% organic cotton. Extras like linings, fleeces, and buttons are made from sustainable materials too.


Get yourself all warmed up with a nice “latte”. We’re referring to the colour of the Ekins, a coffee-esque creator of sustainable warmth. Here, corduroy’s vintage appeal is dialled up with exaggerated lapels, a loose fit and thick cuffs. The Ekins comes with a sherpa fleece and 6 corozo buttons for a touch of eco finesse.


A timeless corduroy style for women with a beautiful sherpa fleece collar and thigh length cut. It’s warm, it’s stylish, and it’s practical, ready for any skate session or urban adventure. Also comes with corozo buttons and recycled details.. 


We continue the corduroy jacket craze with the Daphne: one of our most popular jackets that has been coming back for more, year after year. Hooded, vibrant, sustainable. We can see why it’s a community favourite. 



The simpler, the better. Our corduroy jacket for men is an uncomplicated affair with bomber cut, deep pockets, warm recycled polyester lining, and organic cotton cord. Available in navy or green. 100% sustainable, what else?


Shake things up with the Limosa: a set of micro-corduroy trousers that have a thin rib, strong structure and ultra-classy pleats on the front. A biodegradable resin button is the icing on the cake. 


The first thing you’ll notice about the Portonovo trousers is the colour: a soft brown that’s unmistakably autumnal. An elasticated waistband makes this corduroy style feel even more wearable. You’ll find three waves on the back pocket: a mark of ocean excellence.