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How Your Sustainable Wardrobe Can Benefit From Eco Basics

4 min read

How Your Sustainable Wardrobe Can Benefit From Eco Basics

Ever wondered how to build a sustainable wardrobe that will not only be functional but also help you do your bit for the planet? Our line of TWOTHIRDS Essentials is key to reaching this minimalist fashion nirvana

Here we prove exactly why eco-friendly basic underwear, tops and tees have the power to take your wardrobe to previously unattainable levels of sustainability. 

Tanks That Come In Peace

An eco-friendly tank top can be a serious force for good in any sustainable wardrobe, especially when it is made from the finest organic or recycled materials. There are some incredible examples of this in our eco fashion basics range.

Tops like the Recycled Rib Tank and Organic Pointelle Tank are designed by eco-conscious women, for eco-conscious women. The beauty of these sustainable basics is that they can be worn as eco loungewear, stylish streetwear or simply as a base layer that compliments other pieces from your eco-friendly wardrobe.

The Organic Pointelle Tank is made from the softest organic cotton, whose environmental impact is kept low, all the while ensuring maximum comfort for its wearer. The Recycled Rib Tank takes a different approach to the execution of a sustainable fashion basic, with help from trailblazing Recover™ fabric.  

This fabric combines all the benefits of recycled cotton and recycled polyester, to form a sustainable tank top that is eminently comfortable, durable and easy on the eye. Such fabric derived from recycled fibres also helps extract textile and plastic waste from ocean habitats, making it a true winner for any sustainable wardrobe collection.

Above all else, attention to detail is what you are acquiring when you invest in a sustainable TWOTHIRDS Eco Essential garment, something which can’t always be said for fast fashion imitations. One example of this are our printed clothing labels, doing away with the need for itchy physical labels, which are often cut or ripped immediately from a new garment and condemned to the trash.

Sustainability Starts With Eco Underwear

True style should come effortlessly, or at least appear to do so. High-quality sustainable underwear’s job is to blend in beneath whichever seasonal eco outfit you opt for, all the while providing unrivalled comfort and flexibility. 

TWOTHIRDS Essentials feature underwear that perfectly fits the bill thanks to eco fashion products like the Teku bra. Coming in a multitude of colours, to blend in with any sustainable outfit, it is also seamless, which means less rubbing and increased durability.

Another incredible eco underwear staple for your sustainable wardrobe is the Figueral bra, whose elasticated spaghetti straps provide simultaneous support and elegance. Such is the versatility of this piece, it can even be worn during low intensity sports activities, because who knows when you might want to get your boogie or yoga on!

With a selection of TWOTHIRDS Essentials tops and bras in your online cart, all that’s left to do is select some eco-friendly briefs to accompany them. Thankfully our Barcelona-based designers are multiple steps ahead, ensuring that the entirety of this sustainable underwear range can be mixed and matched. Pieces like the Caragolé and the Organic Pointelle Brief are subtly stylish, long-lasting, and easy to slip on beneath any sustainable outfit.

Don’t Forget The Boys

So far we’ve covered the TWOTHIRDS Essentials for women, but don’t worry boys, we haven’t forgotten you! Whether you’re a city dweller, a surf swell chaser or an eco fashion connoisseur, the one thing you always need in your sustainable wardrobe is a collection of high-quality basic tees, preferably in different hues, so you have every colour combo covered. 

Toni, our talented men’s designer, has his finger on the pulse of this new desire for less-is-more, and has therefore produced the Monothaki tee in a panoply of various shades. Coming in a neutral regular fit and made from soft organic cotton, we advise at least having a couple of black and white Monothakis to wear beneath our sustainable shirts, knits, or on their own; paired with a fresh pair of ocean denim jeans

Carefully select the TWOTHIRDS Essentials you need, thinking all the time about which outfits they will complete or supplement. Watch as they serve you diligently for weeks, months, years, and hopefully decades to come.

Inclusive In More Ways Than One

One of the perceived drawbacks of sustainable fashion or the slow fashion movement in general is that it is not inclusive enough. This is often broken down into critiques regarding price point, as well as which sub-sections of society such clothing lines are marketed towards.
We believe that the TWOTHIRDS Essentials address some of these valid concerns, producing eco-friendly clothing that's built to last and fit multiple body types; all at an affordable price point. Keep an eye out for more TWOTHIRDS Eco Essentials coming very soon!