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Let’s Talk Textures: 5 Fabulous Feelings From The New Collection!

3 min read

Let’s Talk Textures: 5 Fabulous Feelings From The New Collection!

From sweeter birdsong to cherry blossom, there’s a lot to love about Early Spring. As a sustainable fashion brand, the dawn of a new season also ushers in an array of textures. Some we’ve used for years, while others are making their TWOTHIRDS debut! 

Texture can define an outfit. Remember that feeling of comfort, coolness or quality you get when you slip into a new garment? Contrast that to pulling on an itchy sweater or heavy dress - where the wrong texture puts you out of sync with the seasons. 

We’re passionate about sustainable fabrics and the different textures they come in, drawing on a rich palette of possibilities. Taking our new collection as inspiration, we bring you our top 5 textural talking points. 

1. Breezy Linen

Linen is a classic choice for Spring. Its granular texture, strength and breathability make it the ideal material for spring shorts and trousers. It still carries connotations of luxury and style, making it a sophisticated, yet inexpensive choice. One of our favourite facts about linen? It takes on a softer and more supple texture with every wash. This means that the linen you wear the first time won’t be the same linen you wear for the 15th time. That said, it’s one of nature’s strongest fibres - enduring for millennia (yes really!) not months. 

100% linen styles feel lightweight, very breathable, and distinctive to the touch. It’s like cotton’s cooler cousin. 

2. Silky TENCEL™ Lyocell

If you know anything about TWOTHIRDS, then you probably know we love eco-friendly fibres that keep nature, and the ocean, clean. One of the most famous is TENCEL™ Lyocell, an extraordinary fibre that feels soft and silky. It comes from wood pulp, which is extracted from sustainably managed forests. The revolutionary (and might we add, award-winning) system that the manufacturers are known for recycles water and chemicals - meaning that this cellulose fibre is extremely low impact. 

A guilt-free choice that feels like taking a walk in the woods. Expect comforting, refreshing, and calming textures

3. Wavy Muslin

Thought muslin was just for swaddling babies? Think again! This lightweight, loosely woven cotton fibre is gentle on the skin and more breathable than regular cotton. A textured fibre, it provides extra depth and dimension to any style - we tend to use it on statement dresses like our gorgeous Lamu. You’ll also find it in certain top styles like our feminine eco blouse, the Rem. And don’t worry, all of our muslin is derived from organic cotton: a vegan fabric that has mother earth in mind. 

The loose fibres give muslin a wavy texture - a fitting detail for ocean lovers. 

4. Soft Recycled Cotton

Recover™ recycled cotton was our material of the month in February. It is a circular solution to fashion waste, made using cotton cut-offs from factories and some post-consumer clothing. You might think that this would reduce the quality or soft texture of the material, when in reality, Recover™’s excellent mechanical recycling facilities produce optimal fibre length. 

In our Early Spring collection you’ll find that the Bedra rainbow sweater is crafted from RBlue - a type of Recover™ cotton that incorporates recycled polyester. This produces a slightly stretchy, super comfortable texture that is less heavy than regular cotton. 

What gives any Recover™ garment an extra special texture is the knowledge that it’s made in an environmentally-sound way. 

5. Crisp Poplin

Here’s a new one for you! We’ve recently added organic cotton poplin to our textures repertoire. This is a tightly woven textile that you’d normally see on fancy shirts and suits. Poplin has a crisp, papery texture that gives garments a subtle sheen. We’ve applied it to one of our new women’s jackets: the Bristol.   

Naturally wrinkle-resistant, you’ll also find poplin in our new Nordstrand sustainable dress.

To Conclude…

There are plenty more textures waiting to be discovered. Like the ribbed structure of our new striped tops, which stretch to the body’s form. Or the comforting embrace of our classic organic cotton styles. But it’s really a patchwork of our 5 chosen textures that make us think of Spring 2023. Joy and levity in a handful of calming textures