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Music Inspiration

3 min read

Music Inspiration
Photo by Igor Cobo

I have always listened to and appreciated good music, as I am lucky enough to have parents who have a great taste in music, especially my dad. My dad is from London and was there in the 50s and 60s when it was (and probably still is), the best place to be if you liked good music and fashion. I used to listen to The Beatles, Elvis and other great groups and singers of those decades at home or in the car, as my dad would play them all the time.

 When I was a teenager I got into the Punk scene and really enjoyed playing with my band, going to small gigs, sharing music with my friends, putting on shows to help other bands and touring. I started playing drums when I was about fourteen years old and played in a Punk band called JellyGoose. Then I started to listen to many different DIY underground bands from Washington DC, Sweden and Barcelona (Post HardCore, Indie and Emo), such as Fugazi, Bluetip, AINA, Jimmy Eat World, Promise Ring etc... As I was living in London at that time I was able to learn from and be inspired by so many bands. The music scene over there was massive so I started my own band with my brother Brian, it was called KidsGoFree.

I loved singing but I could never see myself as a frontman singing without playing an instrument and therefore I started to play the guitar, and Brian, who is now a music composer and producer in Madrid by the way, gave me a few tips to learn the basics on how to make a fool of myself by swinging my guitar around!

Photo by Nelson Palmejani

 A few years after a bunch of tours, recording a few albums with KidsGoFree and when everything got a bit more difficult I picked up an acoustic guitar and started to do more mellow and folky songs. I never considered myself a guitarist because I never really learnt to play properly as I play by ear, I have to admit that I suck at it and I wish I had taken it a bit more seriously when I was younger.

 A few years ago I started a solo project called Dante Place, named after a street at Elephant and Castle in London where I once lived whilst I was at university there. At that time I was having a long distance relationship with a young lady and who I later married. I have recorded a few albums, done a number of tours, played in all sorts of places, like big music festivals, bars, weddings, surprise concerts, living rooms, in the streets, shops, in a hairdresser's, by the beach etc…
 I enjoy playing on my own or being accompanied by my wife Margarita, who I sometimes convince to join me on stage as she can do percussion and play the keys.
 I'll carry on writing and making music as long as I'm around. Music is a part of me and it reminds me how wonderful life is.
 Here are a few video clips and some of live performances so you can check out what I do now. Thank you TwoThirds for supporting me and for wanting to share my music.

Dante Place - Quantum from Montaña Studio on Vimeo.

DANTE PLACE panda me from Michele Putortì on Vimeo.

Shattered eyes by Dante Place from Montaña Studio on Vimeo.