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Our Winter Limited Edition Styles Are Extra Sustainable: Here’s Why

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Our Winter Limited Edition Styles Are Extra Sustainable: Here’s Why

Our Winter Ltd. Edition Is One Of The Most Sustainable Yet!

It’s here! The brand new Limited Edition for Winter 2023. This beautiful collection of original designs is composed of gorgeous luxury fabrics from our factories in Portugal. What you wouldn’t expect is that they’re actually made from waste. 

Or to be more specific - deadstock. This is excess rolls of fabric that factories produce when their customers overestimate the amount they’ll need. What’s leftover tends to be enough to make only a handful of garments, which less sustainable brands simply don’t take an interest in. 

Deadstock Deserves More

So what happens to this deadstock? Much of the time it ends up just dwelling on a shelf, gathering dust, while more and more fabric gets produced to meet the high demands of fast fashion. That’s crazy, right? It’s symptomatic of a care-free industry that pre-makes clothes without any regard to waste. 

Something much worse can happen to deadstock fabrics though: they can be burnt or shipped off to landfill, contributing to emissions or the pollution of the earth. Also, if they’re left for too long on factory shelves they’ll simply become unusable. 

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We make our Limited Edition garments to take better care of our own waste, and the waste of our factories. We view it as imperative to use up the fabrics that already exist, before making more. This challenges our designers to really think economically about these beautiful leftovers that contain quirks, characteristics, and colours that you might not normally see in our sustainable clothing. The goal: to use it all up!

We also love that our Winter Limited Edition - the biggest one to date - results in one-of-a-kind garments that will only be worn by a really small number of people. The chances of you running into a carbon copy of your sustainable style? Basically, zero!

Limited Edition Sustainability

That number, zero, is an important one for our Limited Editions. Compared to all the energy, water and CO₂ that we’d need to make a new fabric, the impact of a deadstock fabric is… zero!  The process also involves Zero Kilometre production - because the fabrics tend to be located in the same place we make our garments. While this might sound like a minor difference, it in fact reduces the carbon emissions we cause when transporting resources from factory to factory across Europe. More sustainable? You got it. 

We consider our Limited Edition collections to be part of TWOTHIRDS’ approach to the circular economy. In essence, circular economy means the reuse of resources over a longer period of time, the reduction of waste, and the negation of a linear model of production (often called, Take, Make, Waste). By redirecting excess deadstock fabrics into our own garment line, we ensure those resources get used up to the highest standard possible. 

Our garments are constructed in factories that know their trade. We’ve always placed durability before sales, meaning we prefer to make sustainable clothing with an increased lifespan than simply pandering to trends. We find our community loves that too. 

Finally, our deadstock Limited Collections are a natural complement to the pre-order system we pioneered years ago. Both exist for sustainable reasons - reducing the overall amount of textile waste connected to our brand. The pre-order system helps us to estimate the quantity of garments we actually need to make, to be able to provide for the people who order them. This differs from the pre-made system (now a central part of the fast fashion system) that allows brands to ship clothing as soon as a customer orders it. Sounds convenient, but for who? 

For poorly paid garment workers, and the planet, it’s not at all convenient. Pre-made clothing is often outsourced to other nations with lower living standards, and results in 10-30% of all clothing going unsold (known as overproduction). This is not sustainable, which is why we completely rethought the way our garments get made. 

Meet The Limited Edition Garments

But enough about us! It’s time to let the garments tell their own story. Meet a small selection of the 26 Limited Edition deadstock styles that will be flying off our shelves in no time. 


The Sustainable Sweater

This sustainable sweater (LE S04) comes in a production run of 107 items. It’s made with dropped shoulders for a relaxed fit, a lovely rich colour and carries those retro stripes for a touch of class. As with many of our Limited Edition garments, the label is printed directly onto the item to avoid any scratching or irritation. 

The Coconut Cardigan

What’s special about our Limited Edition (LEW_PUZZ01) cardigan? It’s not only made of three different fibres in one, but also carries coconut buttons - a lavish detail that makes this garment feel even more unique. 


The Ocean Joggers

These sustainable dark navy joggers (LEM_B24MP_RF) are everything TWOTHIRDS could wish for. They’re smart, yet undeniably casual and come in a colour that best sums up our mission: protect the ocean. 

The Long-Sleeved Tee

Long-sleeved tees are essential at this time of year, so we’re happy to present a new one (SLUB_B15M - Black) for our Men’s Limited Edition. Vegan and versatile, this one will become your VIG - Very Important Garment.  

Hurry while stocks last.