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"Retreating" from ordinary Life

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"Retreating" from ordinary Life
“This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”– Alan Watts
A quote I can very much relate to. Not only that it speaks of being in the present moment, also it emphezises that what you do day in and day out shall be in your personal and pleasurable interest and not be done as something else!
I am Concha, ocean enthusiast, surfer and founder of Mooana Retreat a concept driven to boost an overall healthy lifestyle of the individual in combining Surf, Soul & Wellbeing.
Based in Portugal for over a decade now, teaching surfing to others with many years of travel & work experience around the globe I would like to share why I changed to „retreat“ from ordinary life and open up to something new.

 Growing up in Germany but having completely set onto a different lifecourse away from the ordinary lifestyle raises often the question why I have done so. And honestly I can not say that is was planned. 

I have always had a burning passion for life in all it’s simplicity. I love spending my time outside in nature and surfing. It brings you back to yourself and the pure meaning of life. Almost a decade I have been teaching surfers of different levels. Experiencing the individual approaches brought me to a deeper interest into the holistic coaching aspect.

With our fast living lifestyles, work pressure, burnouts and technology overload a gettaway into simplicity, playing with the waves, feeling and surrendering to the power of nature and giving yourself time to dive into the unknown brings you back to your centre and great pleasure. Surfing lets you enjoy the moment and makes you feel alive. It changes your perception of things, teaches you awarness of your surroundings and lets you grow.

 But of course surfing is not the only tool taking you to that state and also not my only fullfillment. To support my way of life and continue learning to pass my experience on to others I have set out to reach further qualifications. 
Besides gaining a number of certificates studying outdoor sport and managment in the UK I am holding a BHSc in Sports Coaching & Performance. I am trained in Yoga Thai Massage, Wellness Massage and Massage Therapy and also qualified as Vinyasa Krama and Yin Yoga teacher. With a profound interest in health and eastern philosophies I am now expanding my knowledge in complementary medicins to become a Doctor in Naturopathy.
 Living a life outside modern society though requires a flexible mind, trust, creative skills and a strong mindset. This has led me to establish my former project Seasoul Shelter and now Mooana Retreat. 
Seasoul Shelter was born with the idea of sharing surf travels and a healthy lifestyle with like minded people, forming connections and providing a unique surf experience. To tailor the travel programs and offer quality service such as yoga classes and a healthy diet I work with other professionals. Collaboration can be a beautiful thing as you can usually accomplish more as a team capitalizing on individual strengths for a common goal.
To offer a more holistic service and inspire others to make healthy life choices by providing guidance and coaching that is supportive and sustainable I have now expand that concept of Seasoul Shelter with my new business Mooana. 

 Mooana or "Moana" in Polynesian means Ocean.

It´s all about the right balance in your personal life. Learn to dive into the secret of being happy, healthy and content. Mooana combines the three aspects of that: mind, body and spirit.
Providing a platform which not only utilieses reconnection with yourself but also teaches to build awareness to our surroundings, nature, the ocean and our fellow human beings is the aim. While many connections today are made via social media, there seem to be fewer opportunities to connect in person. A retreat can act as an escape but also a time of community and personal and/or professional development. And in a world of sensory overload the simplicity of a view of the sea, or the sweet sound of the ocean can help to quell the endless thoughts.
Thus, to renergise and unwind from your daily life routine, together with with Lauren Biddulph (Yoga with Lauren: https://www.laurensyoga.co.uk/) Mooana offers holistic surf & yoga retreats in Portugal & Cornwall and provides unique and custom tailored surf travel programs to Mexico, Sri Lanka and other destinations.


For the creative, mindfulness and nature seekers Mooana will also be hosting an Indigo Tiedye Workshop this October with artist Victoria Larnach (https://www.victorialarnach.com/) from Byron Bay at the beautiful Cabecca da Cabra Guesthouse (https://cabecadacabra.com/) in Alentejo.


Further wellbeing & plantbased health workshops with a professional naturopath are in planning.

 To conclude the beneficial impact any form of retreat can have on your everyday life

I would like to finish up to quote the words of Jiddu Krishnamurti, a famous spiritual leader, 

"I think it is essential sometimes to go into retreat, to stop everything that you have been doing, to stop your beliefs and experiences completely and look at them anew, not keep on repeating like machines whether you believe or don’t believe. You would let fresh air into your minds."


The benefits shall be long lasting.

Join Mooana and let the ocean take you on a journey...