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Sentinels Capsule Collection

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Sentinels Capsule Collection

Dear Ocean lovers, 

At Twothirds, our sentinels are part of our brand. A sentinel is an informal ambassador, creating awareness for the Ocean in a series of subcultures such as art, fashion, surfing, and activism. Representing our leitmotif “We are Ocean”. We have a great respect for the work of each of our sentinels, so we asked 3 of our dear friends to collaborate with us for a limited edition t-shirt.

Jeremy Koreski - Photographer


1. Where do you get your inspiration from/story behind the picture on the t-shirt?
I’ve been lucky in my career to fly and take aerial images from a young age. I've always been fascinated by looking straight down on the earth and in this case surfers…This image had been in my head for a while before the weather conditions came together to try and shoot it. It is one of the few images that turned out exactly as I dreamed it.
2. What are your current projects?
I'm working on a few projects over the winter, one being on the beach where I grew up and the terrible weather that happens there in the Fall / Winter. I'm shooting all of the images on black and white film in some of the stormiest conditions we have here on the west coast of Canada.

3.How is your relationship with the ocean?
My relationship with the ocean is very good but it saddens me to see so much plastic pollution big and small on our coastline.

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Víctor Bensusi - Graphic Designer / Photographer


1. Where does your inspiration come from and what is the story behind the photograph on the t-shirt?
The picture was taken in Casablanca, during a trial of the European surf championship. I was actually a judge there. On the first day, after the last heat of the day, I saw a spectacular light, slightly foggy, making the atmosphere just precious. So without a doubt, I grabbed my camera, my backpack, got down from the judge’s podium and just went to the shore to capture this magical moment. 

2. What are your current projects?
I just moved to Madrid to look for new opportunities. The sure thing is that I do miss the sea a lot, but I'm specialising myself in fashion photography. Here in Madrid, the options to work on editorials, fashion brands, find models and to get to know people from the design world is much easier than in Cadiz. 

3. What is your relationship with the ocean?
The Ocean is part of me, I understand it in a very special way. Ever since I was a kid, I have always lived next to the beach and spent the best moments of my life waking up every morning to the smell of the sea. I have been living in Madrid for only one month, and I already really miss the ocean. It is the only place that makes me feel peaceful, allows me to think, be more creative and become a better person. 

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Karl Mackie - Artist


1. Where do you get your inspiration from/story behind the picture on the t-shirt? 
The image on the t-shirt is Watergate Bay in Newquay, Cornwall. It’s a beach close to my heart for many reasons and one of the places I surf most often. For many years now I have walked that beach before work with my dog and ran the coastline as part of my ongoing quest for decent fitness. Significantly it’s a place that I love to photography on 35mm film, on any day it can look completely different and I try and capture this when I’m there.

2. What are your current projects? 
Professionally I am shooting overseas quite a bit of sport and fashion projects. Personally, I am working on a coastal film shot entirely on super 8 as well as continuing to shoot projects at home in the UK.

3. How is your relationship with the ocean?
As strong as its ever been if not stronger!

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