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Surf in Barcelona

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Surf in Barcelona
Surfing in Barcelona?! Yeah, that's what we thought, when we moved from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. In the last few years we have met so many amazing people connected to the surf scene here in the city. And we managed to answer our own question, are there any waves: Yes!

From September to May you can find tonnes of chances to longboard, and when the Greek Gods are in a good mood, they send pretty epics waves our way. You wouldn't believe that they can create conditions as shown on the images here.

This Winter, 2016/17 has been especially good, with tube rides almost every week.
What is amazing about Barcelona, is that the atmosphere in the water is generally really good — little localism and friendly faces. Even though we get less waves than our spoiled friends from the North, when you drive down, cross the city centre and reach Barceloneta Beach, the waves look like someone photoshopped has them there, and you know the wait was definitely worth it.