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Sustainable Underwear You'll Love Like A Second Skin

5 min read

Sustainable Underwear You'll Love Like A Second Skin

Making truly sustainable underwear is a big challenge (an ocean-sized task one might say) because not only should sustainable bras, eco-friendly bottoms, and other sustainable underwear layers be made of the most circular fabrics and threads, they must also hold up to the rigours of the active lifestyles lived by our community of slow fashion lovers.

Our sustainable clothing designers work diligently to ensure that, with every sustainable underwear collection release, designs become both more eco-friendly and functional. Here we try to give a little insight into how exactly they do it – women slow fashion designers, creating the sustainable second skins that they would wish to wear themselves.

Seamless Design, Comfort & Style

Many of our sustainable underwear pieces come in seamless designs. This eliminates rubbing caused by raised stitching, which can irritate delicate skin. It also acts to increase a piece of eco-friendly underwear’s longevity, as there are less seams that can rip or degrade over time. You might think that all this functionality and wearability might detract from a sustainable underwear set’s aesthetic appeal, but you would be wrong, because many pieces like the Yunaska sustainable bra and its accompanying Pourewa sustainable bottom boast incredible minimalist style, all thanks to the clean lines provided by our seamless designs.

Sustainable Fabrics Make For Sustainable Underwear

Many of our sustainable underwear pieces like the Figueral eco bra or Caragolé sustainable slip are crafted from the softest, breathable organic cotton fabric, which is then combined with recycled polyamide, to provide all the durability and flexibility that an eco fashion aficionado could ask for from their sustainable underwear

In their quest to use evermore circular fashion fabrics, our designers are turning to high-quality recycled fabrics, such as regenerated nylon. This way, our eco-friendly underwear simultaneously provides support both to the planet and the women who wear it. Our expert sustainable underwear designer, Marina Giménez Dominguez, has made it clear that she intends to use more recycled materials in the future, so keep an eye out for sustainable underwear tops and eco-friendly underwear bottoms crafted from recycled plastics or post consumer fashion fabric.

Sustainable Underwear Bottoms & Vest/Tank Combos 

While bras reign supreme when women are out and about, we love the option to be able to mix in the odd sustainable vest or eco-friendly tank top, especially when a chilled day at home is called for. Our range boasts pieces like the Fainu – its multicoloured neps as playful as they are soft on your skin. Whatismore, this sustainable vest top is made from Recover™, a slow fashion fabric made entirely from recycled post consumer textile waste. 

Other sustainable tank tops and eco-friendly vest tops to look out for include the Recycled Rib Tank (its name tells you all you need to know) and the Organic Pointelle Tank (guess what, it’s organic!). All of these pieces double as incredible eco base layers, eco-friendly pyjamas or sustainable loungewear.

Don’t Slip Up…

… by overlooking our elegant Shimoji loungewear slip. Made from 70% silky smooth LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose and 30% breathable linen, this is one piece of sustainable underwear that everyone needs in their eco wardrobe. 

More Coverage

We are in constant contact with our ocean-loving community to find out how we can improve our sustainable clothing collections. The same is true of our sustainable underwear range. One of the things we heard on the ocean community grapevine was that many ocean-loving women wanted extra coverage from their sustainable underwear, to increase the sort of comfort and support that breeds unbreakable confidence. This has manifested itself in new designs that have wider straps, fuller bottom designs, and extra support overall.

No Itchy Labels 

There’s nothing worse than an itch that just won’t quit. Our sustainable fashion designers know it. That’s why they ensure that all our new eco-friendly underwear comes with sizing and wash instructions printed flush against the fabric, rather than flapping around on a label that is destined to be snipped and binned. Imagine how many labels hit landfill each year! None will have come from TWOTHIRDS’ sustainable bras or eco-friendly boxer shorts.

Natural Colours Only

Something we feel passionately about here at TWOTHIRDS is selecting colours, shades and hues that wouldn’t look out of place in nature. By sticking to this basic principle we often do away with the need for harmful synthetic dyes or eco intensive fabric washes. Our sustainable underwear is proof of this natural colour concept, with each sustainable bra or sustainable underwear bottom bringing you a little closer to the ocean or forest, thanks to colours inspired by waves, sand, foliage, and grass meadows.

What About Sustainable Boxer Shorts For Men? 

Don’t worry boys, we haven’t forgotten about you. At this point the Robbins sustainable boxer shorts are a slow fashion institution, marrying soft organic cotton with a flexible elasticated waistband and fitted look. Every man in our Barcelona HQ can vouch for the comfort these eco-friendly boxers provide.

Up top TWOTHIRDS also offers a sustainable base layer option in the form of our slim fit Akdamar eco tee. Crafted mainly from organic cotton with a far lower environmental footprint than regular cotton, a hint of elastane also adds a pinch of flex to create a piece that truly feels like a second skin.

Human Comfort, But Not At The Expense Of Animal Welfare

Last but by no means least it is always worth mentioning that virtually our entire range of eco-friendly underwear is classed as vegan underwear. This won’t change anytime soon, unless our designers suddenly get some crazy ideas about making eco-friendly bras or sustainable slips from wool. Until that unlikely moment comes, you can wear our ocean-friendly underwear, safe in the knowledge that it does not infringe on the rights of animals.