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Team Picks: Sonmi’s Favourite Eco-friendly Jeans (Of All Time)

5 min read

Team Picks: Sonmi’s Favourite Eco-friendly Jeans (Of All Time)

Sonmi Han - Web Manager - Queen Of Jeans

When it came to getting an honest opinion about our sustainable women’s jeans, one name popped up instantly. Sonmi owns a total of 7 eco-friendly jeans from TWOTHIRDS collections past and present, an abundance that can be put down to her love of great denim… and the fact that our team receives a voucher every three months! This, she argues, has changed her buying habits for good. A self-confessed fashionista who can sometimes be heard exclaiming “that’s zero fashion!” when faced with an awful outfit choice, Sonmi hardly ever shops fast fashion anymore.

As Web Manager, Sonmi is in charge of making sure every image of our ethical clothing is as appealing - and accurate - as possible, while organising launches that keep our sustainable online shop looking fresh and slick. In case you’re wondering who creates our Spotify playlists to accompany our eco capsule collections - that’s Sonmi too! The team prizes her knowledge of graphic design, her lightning fast speed (she often completes a task before you can finish setting it), and her eye for detail. Born to Mexican and Korean parents, Sonmi embodies the international spirit of TWOTHIRDS, which is what drew her to this city in the first place. She often says, “in Barcelona people don’t ask you where you come from. They ask you who you are.” 

Before moving onto Sonmi’s selection of eco-friendly women’s jeans, we posed a few questions of our own. 

What do you like about TWOTHIRDS trousers? 

I like that they last. If you buy trousers from Zara for example you need to replace them every year or two because they get worn down very quickly and lose colour in the wash. With our sustainable trousers you can wear them for years. It’s good to invest in slow fashion because it lasts much longer.

What does sustainability mean to you? 

I’m the wrong person to ask! But for me sustainability means change. Continuous change. Sustainable is not just working hard to obtain something but working hard to continue that thing. 

What I really like about TWOTHIRDS is that we are all from different places. Every single person is special.

Speaking of change - how has TWOTHIRDS changed over the years?

We used to be a very tiny team, everybody sat around the same table. Logistics, design, ads, marketing, web, there were 5 departments in one table because there was one person for each department. 4 years later we have a massive house (our office), lots of people, I think in some way the company grows and also people have to grow. Now we’re a big family.

We changed but in some way we are still having the same DNA. 

What I really like about TWOTHIRDS is that you must think oh, this is a company in Catalunya, why not just hire people from Catalunya? You know. But I really like the way we are from different places. Every single person is special.

Any styling tips for jeans? 

I style jeans based on my shoes. I think about what kind of shoes I want to wear today, and from that I choose the colour of the denim and the top. And that’s what’s good about our current eco-friendly jeans collection, we have different tones from light blue to dark blue that you can use from winter to summer. It’s true that having different tones gives you better options. 

Sonmi’s Prize Pick - Matua Jeans

Sonmi Says - “these are my favourite pair of jeans because they come with an elastic waistband at the back which gives them added stretch. This makes them an excellent choice for the office especially as a woman, when you might spend 8 hours in a chair and you just want to feel comfy! 

Matua also have a stylish silhouette: they’re high-waisted with a slightly baggy fit.”

As far as environmentally-friendly clothing goes, the Matua happens to be top of the range. In their Mid Blue colour, these sustainable pants feature a mix of organic and recycled cotton and recycled polyester thread. They’re decolourised using e-flow technology which eliminates chemical run-off, and saves gallons of water. Our most sustainable denim.

Eco-friendly Jeans - Second Place

Permission to slouch: granted. These laid-back eco-friendly jeans come in a slouchy fit that makes them a comfy step-up from your sweatpants. The Kiritibati come in three colours, we chose the light blue pair for variety and because it goes well with our late summer sustainable styles. Our environmentally-friendly clothing was made to be together. 

Kiritibati is also unique for its V-seam on the front which helps it to stand out from the crowd, and is what makes these pants undeniably feminine.  

Eco-friendly Jeans - Third Place

Step into even lighter shades of denim with the Karri - Sky Blue. This pair of sustainable pants will have you walking on clouds, and played a part in our recent “Summer Flow” collection. The straight-leg design makes them all the more stylish (in keeping with the wide-leg trend) while the shorter length makes them perfect for midsummer - and when you want to dip your feet into the ocean. 

Honourable Mention 

As well as the aforementioned jeans, Sonmi also enjoys wearing the Mina trousers (now down to the Fin de Série, so act fast!). They sum up her quest for comfort and class, with a unique iced aqua colour that you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else. 

Interested in learning more about the impact of your jeans? Check out our tell-all blog post from earlier this year.