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The first whales are arriving to the Catalonian coast

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The first whales are arriving to the Catalonian coast

The city of Cambril’s fleet has already reported two of them. 

Every Spring the biggest whale of the Mediterranean Sea, the fin whale, is paying us a visit. Last year more than 300 whales were seen along our coast from the end of February until the beginning of June. With the objective of studying the presence of the fin whale in the Catalonian coast and the oceanographic conditions that make it possible, the team of scientists at EDMAKTUB are prepared to start the fifth season of the fin whale project.

Barcelona, February 19th, 2018 - Last Thursday, February 15th, the association EDMAKTUB received the first notice of the season on WhatsApp. The whale was seen 21 miles away from the coast, approximatively 40 kilometres south from Tarragona, after 1pm. The next morning, in the same area, they received another notice of fin whale presence. “That’s it, they are here. They came early this year!” commented the fishermen. 

 Thursday, March 1st, beginning of the 2018 Marine campaign. 

Once everything is prepared, a trained team of 11 scientists specialised in the investigation of cetacean behaviour (bio-acoustic, photo identification, nutrient concentration, temperature and water salinity and use of drones with scientific objectives) will start their 2018 marine campaign. It will be on March first and similarly to previous campaigns, the investigation catamaran will leave from the Club Nàutic Vilanova.


More info on https://edmaktub.org/