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The Perfect Linen Trousers for Men

5 min read

The Perfect Linen Trousers for Men

Linen trousers manage to transform unbearably hot temperatures into impressively cool outfits. The source of this alchemy? Linen is more breathable than cotton and has a crisp texture. Its low thread count keeps the air circulating and gives outfits a luxe look. With temperatures soaring here in Barcelona, we’re already turning to our linen trousers for help! They ooze class, making them ideal for the office as much as the beach. 

This post will provide need-to-know facts about the sustainability of linen, how to style it and even how to wash it. We’ll round off with our top linen trouser picks for summer. 

Prefer to cut to the chase? Use the menu below to navigate.

1. Where does linen come from?
2. How is linen made?
3. What to wear with linen trousers
4. How to wash linen trousers
5. The top 5 linen trousers for Summer 2022

Where does linen come from?

Linen starts life as the flax seed, meaning that it’s entirely plant-based and vegan. Wohoo! Geographically, flax can be found all over the world - with Europe being a leading producer. 

The beauty of flax, and by extension, linen, is not where it is grown, but how it grows! Flax can thrive in relatively poor soils and tends to survive on rainfall alone, limiting the need for artificial water supplies. The plant’s resilience means it needs fewer pesticides, but there’s no getting past the fact that some chemicals are used in the process. These will total less than cotton, but more than hemp.

Sustainable fashion directory, Good on you report that linen is one of the most biodegradable and stylish fabrics in the fashion industry. We’d have a hard time disagreeing with that…

How is linen made?

To make linen, farmers harvest flax by uprooting the entire plant instead of cutting it. The yield is then “retted” over several weeks through exposure to rain, dew and sunshine (could you get more natural?). This is what gives linen its natural colour and breaks down the pectins that bind flax fibres together. The separation process is completed by factory workers, who then create the yarn that will end up in your linen trousers. 

The making of linen is optimised to ensure none of the plant gets wasted, another reason we like linen so much!

What to wear with linen trousers

There are an infinite number of ways to style linen trousers! They can be dressed up or down depending on your mood, which is what makes them as versatile as they are sustainable. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

1. Contrast with “harder” textures

To avoid stepping into pyjama territory (unless it’s time to of course), bring a harder texture to your look. This can include a wristband, a watch, a necklace… by incorporating one or more of these accessories, you’ll offset the soporific softness of linen trousers and can save the snoring for later.

2. Go classic with a white tee

Could there be a simpler solution? For relaxed settings, any colour of linen pants will combine with the most classic garment in your wardrobe, a white tee. Fitted tees also look great against the relaxed structure of linen trousers.

3. Get shirty

Wearing linen trousers makes you instantly smarter, in more ways than one. Top off the look by trying a cool and breathable formal shirt made from TENCEL™ Lyocell or organic cotton.

4. Finish with sneakers, sandals, or slip-ons

Take a relaxed stance to style in the summer months. As a Mediterranean brand, we’re partial to a good pair of sandals. For more classic Med-inspired pieces, check out our sneaker collection. Perfect linen trousers require perfectly sustainable shoes.

How to wash linen trousers

To wash linen clothing, we always recommend using a cold setting. This will preserve the high quality of your linen trousers and prevent shrinking. 30 degrees should do the trick. We’re also big advocates of natural detergents, as they keep harsh chemicals out of the water cycle and keep your laundry looking fresh. 

Other key Linen Care tips range from avoiding artificial softener (vinegar works best!) to flat-drying your linen garments. You can delve deeper into the topic in our previous post: Linen Garment Care: 9 Essential tips!

The top 5 linen trousers for Summer 2022

Where comfort is king. 


How to make linen even smarter? Turn them into chinos. With pleated fronts for a sophisticated touch, and a no-nonsense straight-leg fit, these men’s linen trousers look and feel exceptional. The Pormenande also features an eco-friendly zipper and corozo button, which is made from so-called “vegetable ivory”. They’re the perfect linen trousers for men. 


Linen trousers and drawstring waistbands go together like cookies and cream. The Cabezo are modelled on our classic men’s linen pants. They tie up just as easily as they slip on, making them the pinnacle of relaxed summer dressing. Featuring wave embroidery on the back pocket, reminding you to go with the flow…


We tend to associate linen with minimalism, due to its versatility, durability and clean appearance. The Sia are a case in point. Featuring a paired-back design, drawstring and just two pockets, they keep things nice and simple.

Patch pocket

This year, we can’t get enough of the patch pocket trend. These women’s linen trousers go by the name of Bacalar and feature a mom-fit with elasticated waistband. Generous pockets with double-seam detail add to the relaxed, airy feel.


We’ll end our post on a maritime note, with the gorgeous Palasisi. These linen wide-leg trousers look iconic from beach to boardwalk and are even more robust than most linen styles. They are also elasticated at the waist for an easy-on experience. Slip them into your suitcase for your next seaside adventure. 

Still curious? Explore our timeless trouser collections for both men and women.