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Twothirds Picks: Our Favorite Eco Restaurants in Europe

1 min read

Twothirds Picks: Our Favorite Eco Restaurants in Europe
At Twothirds we not only love ocean-friendly and ecological clothing, but we are big fans of eco-friendly food.

All of us come from different cities, countries: Germany, France, UK, Spain, Netherlands… We love our team. 
And do you know what the beauty of it is? We love sharing our stories, our travel tips,
but among everything, we love sharing our favorite eco-friendly restaurants.
The type of restaurant that you love to go with your friends, family or just by yourself.

We have selected a list of our team’s favorite’s for you to discover for yourself — bon appetit!

Lucky Leek
Lucky Leek stands for innovative vegan food since 2011. With her unique style and passion head chef, Josita Hartanto made it into the Guide Michelin as one of the few vegan Restaurants worldwide.

Kollwitzstraße 54,
10405 Berlin, Germany

The Green Spot
Veggie for veggies.
Veggie for non-veggies.

C.de la Reina Cristina 12
08003 Barcelona

Le Potager de Charlotte
Sons of an innkeeper and culinary photographer, David and Adrien had their first working experience at their family owned hotel in Nîmes. Later, David worked in several Parisian hotels and restaurants.
The two brothers have been vegan for several years and share the core values of veganism.

12 Rue de la Tour d'Auvergne
75009 Paris

So What?!?
Alessandra & Paolo are a young couple active in vegan food culture for over a decade.
In fall 2013 finally they opened their own restaurant in Rome, So What ?!

Theis main aim is serving good honest food in a casual location.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Via Ettore Giovenale, 56,
00176 Roma RM

The Vurger Co
Burgers don't have to be made of meat.
The Vurger Co creates delicious plant-based burgers with vegetables!

109 Commercial St,
Spitalfields, London