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TWOTHIRDS X GOT BAG: Uniting for World Ocean Day 2024!

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TWOTHIRDS X GOT BAG: Uniting for World Ocean Day 2024!

The mission statements of both TWOTHIRDS and GOT BAG have always aligned. Our B Corp Certified brands go out of their way to spread the joy of the ocean, while also taking bold steps to keep plastic waste out of what we love most: our ocean!

TWOTHIRDS does this by eliminating overproduction with our innovative PRE-ORDER system. We use the most eco-friendly fabrics and yarns possible and curb waste from the wider fashion industry with our Deadstock Limited Edition collections. These special collections salvage textile waste from luxury brands that produce products in our local area, to turn them into exclusive garments.

GOT BAG take a different approach. They address plastic pollution by collecting waste from the ocean, rivers, and coastal areas with their clean-up program in Indonesia, empowering the local community in the process. The company then recycles this plastic and turns it into high-quality bags of all shapes and sizes.

World Ocean Day 2024 Recycled Backpack & Eco T-Shirt

For this incredible World Ocean Day 2024 collab, our two brands decided to stick to what we do best. We came together to create a limited edition backpack made of recycled Ocean Impact Plastic as well as a t-shirt, bearing a motif created by TWOTHIRDS’ Art Director, Emil Kozak, and crafted from a sustainable blend of both organic and recycled cotton.

Tell me More About That Sustainable Tee!

Surf inspired print t-shirts are a TWOTHIRDS hallmark. From the very beginning their designs have been dreamed up by our revered in-house artist and Art Director, Emil Kozak. This special unisex tee is no exception, boasting our iconic slogan, “We Are Ocean”. In keeping with the sustainable theme of World Ocean Day 2024 the ethical t-shirt itself is formed from 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled cotton, meaning that its overall environmental footprint is tiny in comparison with most other sustainable tees on the market.

Tell me More About That Eco Bag!

For their part, GOT BAG have gone the extra nautical mile with the TWOTHIRDS X GOT BAG backpack. Using their brand new magnetic ROLLTOP backpack as a base design, it comes with incredible features like detachable bottle and laptop holders plus an array of useful pockets and storage areas. Positive impact is ensured at every design juncture, with not just the bag’s main material being made of recycled plastic, but also its buckles, webbing, linings and padding.

A Collab That Shows What’s Truly Possible

More than a simple product collab, TWOTHIRDS and GOT BAG are showing that brands can be genuine drivers of positive change. Asian ocean habitats are disproportionately affected by plastic waste pollution, due in part to poor local waste disposal management systems, but also because wealthier countries use Asia as a dumping ground for the plastic waste they’re unable (or unwilling) to recycle. GOT BAG recognises this imbalance in environmental justice and takes direct action on the ground, empowering the communities most affected.

TWOTHIRDS takes a slightly different approach: localising our supply chain as much as possible to ensure the environmental footprint of our products remains small. This approach also ensures we focus on what our own local communities here in Europe can do better, preventing western-produced waste at its source. By prioritising the use of locally sourced eco and deadstock materials, as well as building stronger bonds with eco-minded suppliers, we go the extra mile to ensure all our clothing spreads the joy of the ocean.

Last 24h of €1 Sea Shepherd Donations!

Throughout Ocean Week 2024 TWOTHIRDS has also partnered with ocean heroes Sea Shepherd, an organisation that takes direct action on the high seas to protect ocean wildlife and habitats. For every order placed at twothirds.com during Ocean Week 2024 TWOTHIRDS has been donating €1 to the Sea Shepherd cause. This amazing collaboration ends on the 8th of June at midnight (CET). If you’re reading this in time, why not grab yourself some premium ocean-friendly clothing and do your bit to support Sea Shepherd at the same time?!