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Valentine’s Day - The Sustainable Gift Guide For Him!

3 min read

Valentine’s Day - The Sustainable Gift Guide For Him!

There are a lot of good reasons to shop TWOTHIRDS for Valentine’s Day. Firstly, we’ve made it dead easy by selecting the Top 10 sustainable gifts for him that will dial a direct line to his heart. Secondly, our brand is about getting the most out of fabrics that have the least impact on the environment. Thirdly, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be for couples, so these sustainable styles will work just as well for any of the men in your life!

Whether you’re declaring your love, or just showing you care - here are the best Valentine’s Gifts for him, 2023. 

And of course: each product is ready to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day!

1. Ocean At Heart

To broaden his style horizons, look no further than our new Neiafu. With a delightful sprinkling of neps on the surface of the garment and a logo stitched on the breast that symbolizes the two-thirds of the world that is ocean. An ideal Valentine’s Day gift for surfers and ocean lovers. 

2. Sunrise To Sunset

The perfect romantic gesture: reminding him of all the best sunsets you’ve enjoyed together. Or simply: a long-sleeved tee that riffs on his taste for minimalist prints! The Nakelo is made from a sustainable blend of organic and recycled cotton. This one’s destined to become a favourite, and already has the precedent to prove it: our classic Sunrise/Sunset tees always sell-out fast. 

3. Love Simple

Valentine’s Day is about love and friendship, why make it anymore complicated? These simple tees are perfect for any man and are so comfy you can bet he’ll want to live in them. The Monothaki come in 7 different shades, working especially well as undershirts. This gift for him is made from organic cotton.  

4. Great White Shirt

Clear the beaches, this shirt is dangerously good-looking! Ekubo features neps for a unique twist, and is crafted from the same soft material as our tees. This makes it more comfortable than crisper cotton shirts. Suitable as much for a party as the office, Ekubo also features plant-based corozo buttons - a sustainable talking point. 

5. The Denim He Deserves

There’s no better way to improve his everyday wardrobe than gifting him an upgrade on his denim jeans. Kabara have that classic blue denim appearance, but are decolorised using nano-technology that creates no chemical wastewater. And, you know, they feel great too! 

6. Our Bestselling Knit

Currently sitting right at the top of the TWOTHIRDS bestseller list, this Alpine Green knit has won the hearts of our community. It’s woven from 5 different recycled materials and has an unmistakably manly vibe to it. The Lagzira is a safe bet for your sustainable Valentine’s Day gift.  

7. Smart Trousers, Smart Guy

Does he like looking his best? Do you like it even more? Then the Vaqava is for both of you. They’re much softer than jeans, and have a regular fit that just simply feels better than slimmer styles. Smart, stylish, and so comfortable you’ll wish we made them for women too. The ultimate sustainable Valentine’s Day gift for him.  

8. The Jacket That’ll Win His Heart

The Mana is a sign of your devotion: padded recycled polyester outerwear that comes in a universally stylish black colour. We particularly value the warmth of this sustainable jacket, and the two-way zipper means he can commute (and sit-down) comfortably. The cosy padding gives you a great excuse to snuggle. 

9. Head In The Clouds

For a simple Valentine’s Day gift that will immediately elevate his outfits, take a look at our modern cropped beanie. Made from merino wool that thermoregulates and feels superbly soft. Assateague is headwear for dreamers. 

10. A Shirt To Be Shore Of

We love this TENCEL™ Lyocell shirt so much, we even put our name on it. Find our signature embroidered into the placket of the sustainable Rosella - a mark of its high quality craftsmanship and low ecological footprint. He can wear it over a tee, with sleeves rolled up or down, or as a shirt in its own right. V is for Versatile.