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Washed Up

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Washed Up
I can hear the grumbles already. My heart beats faster and the air tastes fresh and salty on my tongue.
The wind is dragging at my hair and makes the beachgrass dance. Just a few more steps through the soft sand.
And then I am up on the dune. 
There it is. The sea, the ocean.
Dark blue, rolling waves, endless horizon. Some seagulls are flying with the stiff breeze.

My pockets are already heavy from the weight of all the beautiful pebbles I have collected. Walking down the endless beach at the water's edge is calming and healing. The powerful ocean appears a different shade of blue today.
It is said a day at the sea restores your soul.

But like somewhere else on Europe's coasts there are not only unique shells and pebbles at the beach.
Especially after the high-tide you can find artificial things too.
Walking on the beach also means finding waste which just has been left there.

To help stop this, Denmark have installed boxes to put the waste in on the beaches.
One less piece of trash every day, is a great step towards a cleaner beach!

My pebbles, some sea glass and shells brought back home remind of a restorative week. And I am looking forward to going back there next spring. Our environment needs our help to recover from pollution through waste, let's do it!
Sea you soon! 💙