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What to wear with denim shorts: 11 outfit ideas

3 min read

What to wear with denim shorts: 11 outfit ideas

Wardrobe crises - don’t you just love them? The chances are you’ve been wondering what to wear with denim shorts. Luckily, the answer is: almost anything! The internet is awash with outfit lists that name between 40 and 50 choices. But who has time to sieve through all of those? As a sustainable brand, we also believe it’s more important to focus on versatile essentials, rather than incentivising the need to buy more and more clothing that is only used once. So we’ve done the legwork for you by filtering through the best denim shorts outfits whether your chosen pair are black denim shorts, white denim shorts, or the classic blue. These (mostly) unisex tips are guaranteed to take the stress out of summer dressing!

And if you’re looking for the perfect pair, you can check out all our sustainable denim shorts through the men and women sections. This summer, our featured styles range from the high-waisted Froan, in a gorgeous Medium Blue, to the suave straight-cut Baleira, in a crisp shade of Ecru.

Are denim shorts for me?

Lots of people wonder if denim shorts are for them, or if they look better on certain body types. The reality is that denim shorts are for everyone! They’re like taking everything that’s great about jeans - the hard-wearing material, the comfort, the curves - and making them about 10x cooler in every sense of the word. But it’s not all about appearances. Our denim is made in GOTS certified factories that ensure a safe and environmentally-friendly use of dyes. The denim fabric itself is organic cotton, the cultivation of which is more water conscious and involves no pesticides. Interested in learning about the 5 must-know differences between organic cotton and cotton? You’ll find it all here.

Pick your favourites, and give them a try.

1. Loose tee.

We start with the basics. A loose summer tee goes a long way in offering styling possibilities. It’s the place you want to start when styling your denim shorts every day, and will suit anyone and everyone.

2. Colourful knit. 

Knitwear in summer? It happens. When the weather takes a turn, you’ll want to layer up that loose tee with a soft organic knit to compliment your denim shorts. Choose between our complete knitwear range for men and women.

3. White shirt.

Another simple denim shorts solution. Pair a crisp white shirt with blue or black denim and you’ll immediately smarten up the shorts. Sand coloured or black sandals will offset the look beautifully.

4. Shirt & Belt.

And on that topic: adding a vegan belt to your look will create a sharp division between the two elements.  

5. Sailor stripes.

Sailor stripes are the quintessential sign of summer. Plus, these days they come in any range of colours, making it extra easy to pick the right ones for your denim shorts.

6. Black tee, white denim.

What to wear with white denim shorts? A no-brainer: try on a sustainable black tee for size. Smart enough for the office, stylish enough for afterwork. 

7. Sleeveless.

Less is nearly always more! In this case, you can lose the sleeves for an easy-breezy summer outfit that shows off your shoulders. Whether you like elegant spaghetti straps or prefer the more relaxed look of a vest, pick a pastel colour and pair it with your versatile denim shorts.  

8. Colour-match.

We’re not saying you have to go double denim, but your blue denim shorts (and jeans for that matter) are undoubtedly crying out for a nautical knit to go on top. As an ocean lover, blue on blue stays true to you.  

9. Oversized jumper or shirt.

The oversized look has the benefit of feeling comfy while looking stylish, propped up by the ongoing trend for vintage garments. Wear your chosen garment with one part tucked into the front of your shorts for extra style points.  

10. Swimsuit.

The ultimate beach-ready style that combines your favourite swimsuit or bikini with your denim shorts. Practical, functional and summery. 

11. White trainers.

As skate lovers and fans of all things minimalist, we wear white trainers a lot. They’ll go with everything your wardrobe already has to offer and are the perfect compliment to your denim shorts. If you’re looking for a pair that reflects your values - try our ocean sneakers, composed of several different ecological materials.