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Why Oversized Jackets Are Here To Stay!

4 min read

Why Oversized Jackets Are Here To Stay!

Desperate to keep warm this winter? Looking for style-perfect outfits? Keen to stay on trend for 2023? To misquote Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, “you’re gonna need a bigger coat.” 

According to google data, interest in oversized jackets peaked in early December 2021. This could well be a hangover from the pandemic, when we all learned a lesson or two about the virtues of relaxed, oversized clothing. However, we continue to see a strong uptick every winter - most probably because oversized jackets are comfy, cosy, and stylish, all at the same time. They’re the ultimate pick-me-up when temperatures plummet. 

Why does the oversized jacket look work? It’s probably also got something to do with thrift shopping - where trendsetters and bargain browsers have embraced the “vintage” appeal of oversized clothing. Oversized jackets hark back to the 60s and 70s. You’ll often find fashion blogs advising women to check the men’s section of any department store to dig out the best oversized looks. We’ve saved you the trouble by fully embracing the oversized jacket trend and making many of our styles fit slightly above regular. This makes layering much much easier and allows for a better fit. 

How to style the oversized jacket look

1. Go for a cinched waistline.

You can create an elegant contrast between your loose-fitting jacket and close-fitting jeans. Style tip via elegantgene.

2. Layer like it’s 1999.

Oversized jackets were made to accommodate your whole wardrobe! Avoid cold snaps by putting on an extra fleece layer or even wearing a slim fit bomber jacket underneath your larger oversized jacket.

3. Try monochrome.

Some of the best oversized looks are all one colour. Consider going grey, green, or beige throughout your whole outfit. If you don’t want to go that far, try matching your pants with your jacket and wearing a black roll neck to contrast. 

4. Wear loungewear bottoms and a hoodie.

Oversized jackets were also made popular by loungewear lovers who have embraced the need for minimalistic, casual looks. One of our highlights autumn/winter 2022 was the loungewear and hoodie look - which works perfectly with an oversized jacket over the top. 

5. Go all out.

We’re talking oversized shirts, oversized trousers, oversized bags - the only things that should be in your size are your shoes! Go big or go home. 

Why Oversized Jackets Are Here To Stay

First and foremost - they’re practical. Tight-fitting jackets won’t give you any room to enjoy a chunky winter knit when the cold bites, whereas oversized jackets leave plenty of room to manoeuvre. Secondly, they appeal to different style tribes - from grunge to chic and casual. Celebrities always manage to whip up a media storm whenever oversized jackets and outfits make an ostentatious appearance. Oversized jackets show that you’ve put a good deal of thought into your look, without having to try too hard. Going oversized also allows brands to bring in fancier and comfier linings - like our recycled sherpa fleece - without compromising the fit. 

With a distinctly urban flavour, oversized jackets are the essence of cool, and belong in the wardrobes of women and men who want to give their casual clothing a real lift. In TWOTHIRDS' current collection of winter jackets, you’ll find a range of beautiful jackets that fit fairly oversized to allow you to co-opt this trend without drowning in your clothes. For oversized corduroy jackets, check out our perennially popular Daphne jacket, made from 100% organic cotton with an ultra-soft sherpa fleece lining that’s made from recycled plastic. That’s right: oversized corduroy jackets - which are a timeless style favourite - can also be entirely sustainable.

Meanwhile, the Lowther jacket is sought after by just about everyone in the TWOTHIRDS office! We love its unique recycled marine plastic / organic cotton combo, and varying textures on the inside and out. The dropped shoulders of this oversized jacket also add another dimension of comfort.  

Our beloved Panay jacket offers extra protection from the cold, falling to thigh length. Oversized in fit, it allows for plenty of warm layering. It’s also both water and stain repellent, making it ideal for country walks. Ekins on the other hand, is designed to be used in the city. In a gorgeous latte colour and with a generous fit, you’ll never want to take it off! It’s also made from organic corduroy and features large vegetable ivory buttons. 100% vegan. 

Why not also consider our Kalotina jacket? A fluffy, fleecy layer with an accommodating fit. Perfect for those who like to wear nautical stripes or colourful knits. Finally, to branch out into longer-length styles (aka oversized coats) we recommend the Santa Rita jacket, with its warm fine wool, and elegant silhouette. It’s a cross between the oversized jacket and blazer look, with thick lapels that ooze class. 

Ready to choose an oversized jacket of your own? Head on over to our jacket section.