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7 Slow Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2023

4 min read

7 Slow Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2023

Ocean lovers, the countdown to summer has begun! As fans of slow fashion will no doubt know, this means it’s time for an all-important transition to linen, eco dresses, and ecological dyes. Yes, it is indeed possible to enjoy colourful summer clothing without the harsh planetary impacts and needlessly wasteful production practices. And just because it’s sustainable doesn’t mean it can’t be on-trend! On the contrary, the following selection of trends show that sustainable fashion can be timely too. 

Trend #1: Midi Cuts

The majority of our dresses from the current collection either fall on or below the knee, suggesting that the unofficial cut of summer 2023 is indeed Midi. As the most flexible and versatile of dress cuts, the Midi design is perfect for a stress-free summer. Go barefoot across the beach, wear sandals on the boardwalk, or dress them up for an evening out.

Of all the styles on offer, we’d highlight the Pulau, which has a delightful crossover design and elegant torso, making it more feminine than other styles. Or there’s the eye-catching Serifos dress in a refreshing green-white ombré. Cinched at the waist, this is an effortless way to apply the midi trend

Trend #2: Cute Prints

The summer fling you didn’t know you needed! Cute slow fashion prints are a new trend that we see dancing across one of our best-loved sustainable dresses pour summer 2023. The Wajag dress comes in a beautiful organic cotton poplin texture with printed palm trees that evoke a tropical summer scene. This delicate detail enhances the dress’s elegant appeal. 

The print trend is evidenced elsewhere in our new collection such as our palm leaf shorts, tops and shirts. Major Californian vibes. 

Trend #3: Mesmerising Muslin 

It was big last summer and now it’s back for more! We’ve explored and experimented with the soothing properties of Muslin organic cotton to bring you a variety of trendy styles this spring/summer. Star of the show is the Rabida playsuit in trending colour, red hot “Chilli”. It’s practical, it’s playful, it’s wonderfully wavy. 

Muslin is a type of loose cotton weave that naturally crinkles and creases to result in an unusual, soft-to-the-touch texture. For a sustainable dress that fully exploits this fabric’s gentle nature, check out our Med-inspired Mwali - in cobalt blue. 

Trend #4: Colour Crush

Whatever the weather this summer, you’re gonna want at least one style that really stands out for its unique use of colour. At TWOTHIRDS that style is the Sverdrup sustainable dress. Digitally printed for a lower environmental impact, this dress features a super lightweight eco-friendly viscose and maxi cut. Embrace the colourful spring/summer trend by making this kaleidoscopic style all yours. 

Trend #5: Linen Is In

Somewhat predictably, linen is in fine form this summer! A natural, low impact fibre, the fabric is a slow fashion favourite. This season we’ve really made the most of it by using it in a variety of designs. First, we’ve got the Kawau dress in a vivifying verde. This spring/summer dress comes with a cute bow at the back to be adjusted to your liking. For a Scandinavian - and highly practical - touch, it also features olive wood natural buttons all the way down the front. 

Next up are the Amanu shorts with built-in belt and cropped cut to really show-off your legs. Linen shorts are an awesome choice for summer because they feel so light and breezy. 

Over in our men’s department, linen provides the perfect smart-casual fabric for stripped-back trousers that are ideal for summer outfits. Impress your colleagues with a style that stays professional even in unbearable heat. 

Trend #6: Natural Dyes 

We’ve just released a beautifully simple summer capsule called Ecological Identity, featuring mineral dyes that certainly live up to the name. Natural dyes are having a moment in niche corners of the industry, as brands realise the potential to disrupt fashion’s disastrous relationship with water pollution.

The funny thing about our naturally dyed styles is that you can hardly tell them apart from the rest of the collection! They are vivid, rich, and… sourced from minerals, plants, even tree bark. Leading us neatly onto our next spring/summer trend

Trend #7: Go Green

Did we mention this season is all about colour? As well as providing a hotspot for bold hues, summer 2023 is great for cooler greens and blues. At TWOTHIRDS, think: cascade green, aquifer, desert sage and pistachio. Colours to fully “blend into nature”. Green is often our best selling colour, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more greens this season. And it’s not just a summery trend either - having already been called out as the colour of Spring 2023 too. Stock up on nuanced green styles now to wear them all through Spring and Summer.