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Struggling To Style Summer Stripes? Follow These Quick Tips

3 min read

Struggling To Style Summer Stripes? Follow These Quick Tips

Taking inspiration from the timeless Breton stripe - worn by sailors and french fishermen alike - our striped styles have the ocean at heart. Unsurprisingly, they often turn out to be our most popular pieces. But while you may fall in love with stripes at first sight, styling can be another matter entirely. Which is where this blogpost comes in: combining all our knowledge on how best to wear stripes

Our striped styles for summer 2023 are vibrantly colourful, featuring lots of different hues, from tangerine to desert sage. This only adds to the styling opportunities, though of course a denim (trousers or skirt) and trainer combo is always a safe fallback. 

Let’s find out what the top tips for styling summer stripes are for 2023!

Keep It Cool In Casual Shorts

It goes without saying that summer is shorts season. Our stripes look their best when paired up with some relaxed linen shorts like the Amanu. Alternatively, our gorgeous Nama sweater works wonderfully with our new blue boardshorts for women. If you already have a pair to hand, then this can be your perfect beach-day look. The Nama is made with soft terry towel fabric for a lighter, summery feel. 

Suggested Outfit - 

  • Striped sweater 
  • Boardshorts or linen shorts
  • Sandals

Change It Up With Smart Trousers

It doesn’t get any classier than wide-leg or high-waisted trousers. Switch up your silhouette and impress both colleagues and friends with a beautiful pair of culottes or bell trousers. The sharp lines and high-waist provide a perfect offset for our women’s striped styles, especially our highlight of the season: the Lachea high-neck top. Ribbed, and coming in two vivid colourways, the top is extremely comfy and is made from deadstock fabrics that would otherwise have gone to landfill. We recommend pairing this style with our straight-cut San Giulio trousers that are made from TENCEL™ Lyocell, one of the most eco-friendly fibres in our collection. 

Suggested Outfit - 

  • High Neck Striped Sweat
  • Straight, Wide-leg, or pleated Trousers
  • Sneakers

Experiment With Contrasting Patterns

While most stylists advise using stripes as your “focal point” for a look, it can be fun to play them off other patterns. Take floral - which simultaneously contrasts and compliments the block-colour nature of summer stripes. As Masterclass notes: “there’s a lot of power in selecting two prints that don’t share any commonalities. Anchor the look with a neutral item, like a black blazer or denim jacket.”

Suggested Outfit 

Sun Yourself In Sleeveless 

One of our favourite ways to wear stripes this season is sleeveless. Think: our wonderful pin-strip sleeveless top, the Lalona, or our light blue Ejlinge knit. The latter has yellow corozo buttons which make it perfect to pair with mustard or brown tones. Sleeveless stripes look even more elegant than their thicker and warmer counterparts, making them the perfect cool-weather wear. 

Suggested Outfit 

  • Light blue striped sleeveless knit
  • Mustard trousers
  • Sustainable footwear

Make A Statement With This Sundress

One of summer’s most eye-catching TWOTHIRDS styles, this Sverdrup striped sundress is guaranteed to win appreciation at dinner parties and the beach alike. Dance your way across the waves and the dancefloor, safe in the knowledge that it’s the most unique striped item you’ll ever wear! Made with an eco-friendly form of viscose, the Sverdrup practically shimmers in the sun and feels especially gentle on the skin (viscose has a silky texture). 

Suggested Outfit 

  • Easy: one statement dress!


While there’s a certain art to styling stripes, there are also a couple of general tips that can help you craft a beautiful look. By mixing different widths of stripes you can create a more modern look. Accessorising with statement jewellery or a bold-coloured bag will also add an expressive element to your striped outfit. But more importantly: look to your own wardrobe for existing styles and outfits before you make a purchase. It’s really important that you buy something which fits with your aesthetic and wardrobe options, so that it doesn’t become the impulse buy you wish you’d never caved into. 

The bottom line is that stripes are a versatile fashion pattern that will reference your love for the ocean. Moreover, at TWOTHIRDS, all our striped styles are made with the highest respect for the environment, from materials that are more ecologically sensitive than the norm. Respect nature, reap the rewards!